Elite Spotting

The Xbox 360 Elite officially launches today, as it is featured in most of the Sunday Ads (Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, etc...).

The console is currently sold out at Amazon, and at last check, these systems are selling for a premium on eBay...

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SETBAK4244d ago

Yep. I went to 3 Targets, 2 Circuit Citys and 3 Best Buys and they were sold out of the Elites. Damn those early birds! If I could have only have gotten out of bed earlier. ha ha

shotty4244d ago

Some ppl stood in line for 12 hours, and worst is that there were limited quantities aswell. Come on Microsoft you been shipping for 17+ months supply shouldnt be an issue. The good thing is atleast its selling.

HungPHAT4244d ago

my local best buy had over 25 and only sold 3

Mighty Boom4244d ago

I woke up at 10:30 and went to Game Stop at 11 and got mine no problem. Looks nice in black. I cant wait for Madden to come out!

gta_cb4243d ago

cool, good news after all the bad press against MS