Game-Pad: UFC: Undisputed 09 Review

There is no disputing that the game is a fantastic recreation of the UFC experience. Featuring a fantastic yet difficult to master control mechanism means that some more casual gamers may never fully get to grips with it. The game does however have quite a few setbacks. The career mode is pretty bland and uninspiring, also it's basic online features are nothing to write home about due to repetition, despite it's fun core mechanics. So with it's extensive roster, fantastic recreation of one of the world's fastest growing sports and stunning visuals, UFC Undisputed 2009 is a must have for UFC fans and fighting fans alike.

The extensive roster, commentary, ring girls, Bruce Buffer and Classic Fights mode ensures that the title is as good as it currently gets. Despite the stunning visuals though, UFC Undisputed remains on the brink of greatness due to its flaws. That being said, flash KO's never get old ... especially online!

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