Ys I & II to be split up for Europe

Aussie Nintendo:

DHM Interactive - the mysterious French publisher that was supposed to launch Windy Windam back in May (it's now due out in September apparently) - has picked up the first two Ys RPGs for DS. Good news? Well, kinda, maybe.

See, Atlus USA released both of these in America earlier this year, bundled together on the one cartridge as Legacy of Ys: Books I & II. Hell, they even threw in a bonus music CD. But Europe and Australia will be getting them as separate releases, with Ys Book I due out in October, and Ys Book II early next year. Hopefully they'll at least be budget priced.

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Baliw3277d ago

Always pushing us.

I bet it comes with a kick in the ass.

Now we need to know the price.