Rumor: This Is Vegas Canceled

The Examiner writes: "It would appear there is yet another casualty of the downfall of publisher Midway. This Is Vegas, an open-world game based around one mans efforts to keep Vegas from becoming a family-friendly tourist trap, appears to have been canceled by new owners Warner Bros. Interactive."

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Blaze9293299d ago

figured it was. Practically never heard anything on this project

Natsu X FairyTail3299d ago

of course its cancelled.

it would have flopped.

you guys remember the graphics? They would have been mad Outdated .

RustInPeace3299d ago

It may not have been constantly reported, but this game was progressing. I'm guessing since the start of Midways problems it put this game in jeopardy and slowly lost momentum, and has either been put on hold or has yet to be OFFICIALLY canceled.