OXCGN Attends Nazi-Occupied IGN Black Beta

OXCGN Writes: "After IGN's last successful Black Beta which featured Microsoft's blockbuster game Gears of War 2 and Cliff Bleszinski himself there was a sense of hush hush with what was going to happen with our beloved Black Beta between then and now.

Nine months on and it has returned with a bang, featuring Wolfenstein, which is the sequel to the awesome First Person Shooter which released back on the PC/Original Xbox under the name Return to Castle Wolfenstein...."

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Godem3334d ago

They need these things in Melbourne!

REALgamer3334d ago

I would've loved to try Wolfenstein - it's kind of been off my radar until the last few weeks. Overshadowed by some of the other big games coming in the next 2 months (ODST, Batman, etc).

gaminoz3334d ago

I'm actually really looking forward to Wolfenstein...a bit of non-serious arcady shooting action!

I loved the last one on Xbox!

XboxOZ3603334d ago

Loved the 1st-gen xbox one, this looks keen-as, so will look forward to it arriving on our desk at some stage in the near future.

I can understand the frustration of those in other areas, trouble is, the huge cost for running just one of these makes running several out of the question.

They have tp look at the number of local users and readership, judge where or not it would prove viable, then take it from there.

I do believe that IGN are looking at spreading their wings, as they now have a new PR person handling these events, and expect to see a change and they hope to have them happening frequently.

Sadly I didn't get there, but we'll be at the Halo 3: ODST Warthog event on Aug 6th at C.ockatoo Island in Sydney.