Monster Hunter 3 launch pictures

Pictures from the big launch of Monster Hunter 3 in Japan have been released.

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ChickeyCantor3336d ago

hahah this picture is hilarious.

qface643336d ago

looks like its gonna do good

still waiting for a U.S release date o_e

-Mezzo-3335d ago

Why am i not attracted to this game at all.

KILLA J3335d ago

because it's gonna look lame

N4g_null3335d ago

Why ask us? Maybe you don't really like video games, maybe you like PC games? Maybe you have not played it?

Hey your getting MW2 so there you go!

poopface13335d ago

and it doesnt say ps3 on it.

-Mezzo-3335d ago

I may be a PS3 fanboy but i own WII as well and i have played all good games on it. i think it might be what scissor_runner said Maybe you have not played it.

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Shnazzyone3335d ago

But this will most likely outsell yakuza 3 and will probably have far more prolonged sales run. Hope they don't take too long to bring this gem to America. meanwhile, i can't wait for famitsu scores as well as the complete details of what the online modes are like.

mt3335d ago

one question what has yakuza to do with monster hunter 3 ???!!

RockmanII73335d ago

They both have a u in their names

Mr.Mister3335d ago

oh i thought it was the number 3