OXCGN Reviews Battlefield:1943- Does it raise the XBLA Bar?

OXCGN Writes: "Many in today's gaming scene complain about spending their money on games which just don't deliver, especially in the Xbox Live Arcade category.

Spending 1200 MSP (Microsoft Points) on a downloadable game which offers only a few hours of gameplay and no replayability or 1600 MSP on a game which offers less just seems like a waste when you could use it on a full release AAA title.

The problem with Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) games is that they are a real hit & miss proposition and it really is a shame that many don't get the recognition they deserve. However, here is one title that should receive recognition and much more..."

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darkmurder3221d ago

One of the funnest games when it doesn't lag.

cRaZyLeGs 933220d ago

Just got it today, love it! lag? what lag?

XboxOZ3603220d ago

Snazafrazashiza . . no single player -. . .

Come one developers, not everything has to be bloody MP or co-op over live . . sheezzz.

cyguration3220d ago

couldn't the same be said for every single-player only game?

Just saying...

gaminoz3220d ago

Multiplayer only games don't seem to do so well. Look at SOCOM, Shadowrun, etc.

Single player games are fine on their own, but multis need to have some sort of bot game or something for local play, not just an online focus.

XboxOZ3603220d ago

And how many single player games are there each year, 2 - 3 if that . .

Every other one has MP and is the main driving force, yet only 50% of console users are actually online "actively" . . .

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it would round the game out more for those who don't want to have the hassles with servers, who might be in locations that don't allow a good game over LIVE or PSN, or simply don't want to go online and play, but will have an account for downloading games and bonus stuff etc.

Timesplitter143220d ago

Well I DO think that offline co-op is almost essential for mini-games. Unless they released games like Cave Story or something

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Godem3220d ago

Fun game, just not enough maps

REALgamer3220d ago

Many people will shell out the money for full $100 retail shooters only for the multiplayer.

I think it's great step for making multiplayer-only FPS on Live Arcade for much cheaper - perfect for when you get a bit sick of Halo 3 and CoD4, but don't want to pay a fortune for something new.

And hey, they can easily add more maps later on or even mini 'sequels' - eg: for 1943 they could then do a sci-fi sequel like 2142 was, but once again for 1200mp and just a few maps. Lots more variety for less, since over 4 games at 1200MP would cost the same as a regular retail game.

It'll be interesting to see where EA goes with the Battlefield series since there's now 3 distinct parts (XBLA / PSN, Bad Company and Battlefield: Heroes).

gaminoz3220d ago

Well I guess if you are going to make a multi only game it should be much cheaper and download only.

Saaking3220d ago

Excellent game and for only $15 it was a great purchase. You can't seriously ask too much of it after all it's just a download game. For me it was worth every penny.

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The story is too old to be commented.