Fox News says that videogames sell well and then addict you

Destructoid Writes.... So this week the Entertainment Merchants Association released statistics on how the gaming industry was doing. Turns out the industry is doing pretty good year-to-year despite the current slump in console sales. Still the analyst say that the blockbuster games coming out later in the year will most likely bump up... oh wait, this is a story about videogames from Fox. Screw the facts, let's talk about how videogames are evil!

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Hallucinate3340d ago

fox news people actually watch fox news...TBH i do but i do it for the lulz

boc3340d ago

If people really want to hear both sides of an issue and not just the uninformed liberal lefts point of view, they do watch Fox news. The polls prove it. Fox consistently gets more viewers and better ratings than any of the major network news shows....

-Mezzo-3340d ago

Fox News Sucks. it's a skid mark on the underpants of journalism.