Gamesonsmash, Fat Princess Review

The long anticipated Playstation network exclusive is finally here! But does it deliver? Or does it crumble under the hype?

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krouse933335d ago

This is a really great game and well worth the $15

Jaces3335d ago

Addicting as hell. I haven't had this much fun with a PSN title in awhile.

Need to make a patch for more gore, lol. Although they really need to fix the online part, it takes forever to get into a game. jeeze.

RAAAAAGE3335d ago

I haven't even been able to get online tonight. I was able to Thursday :(

mindedone3335d ago

I don't have the patience...

But the single player is fun. Too bad there's no split screen

BlackTar1873335d ago

If you cant get in make your owna nd over time they will fill up works for me everytime.
and you can only switch sides at the middle screens not ingame while the round is going just another FYI. game is legit

chrisnick3335d ago

play through the credits (who's your daddy)........its freaking CLASSIC.

RAAAAAGE3335d ago

I can only host 12 players using wi-fi and it's not fun 6v6

ThanatosDMC3335d ago

There's something wrong with my internet. I'm only getting 1/4 of the speed im paying for. I can only host up to 10 characters. Which isnt as fun as 32.

RAAAAAGE3335d ago

You'd think the game would be able to fill the other 22 slots with bots, but it won't :|

StanLee3335d ago

You have to hand it to Sony. They truly have invested in quality software. I really hope in time consumers embraced the great offerings. This is a really great game.

badz1493335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

I passed on BF1943 after playing the demo because it's just like another BF BC! but than come this and entropay can no longer be used! looks like I need to find 1 of those US PSN card for this from ebay! this looks fun!

ThanatosDMC3334d ago

Yeah, i wish they were able to fill the server with bots. But sadly bandwidth issues i guess. Also, it'd be better if they just use the PSN servers but i guess they dont want to pay Sony for the upkeep.

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Snake Raiser3335d ago

My friend was just playing this game at his house and it is so much fun! Definitely a buy. I am waiting to download it from our shared PSN.

Ravage273335d ago

other than that, the game is excellent =D

3335d ago
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