Rare Resident Evil 5 Press Kit Infects Ebay

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Today, while doing my usual search for "Rare PS3" two unique items caught my eye.

We've already reported on the stunning inFamous Press Kit Booklet. But along with that item, we came across a Resident Evil 5 Press Kit Booklet. The bidding is starting at $9.99 so you can own it for around the same cost as a ink ribbon (Resident Evil reference, and yes we found an ink ribbon on Ebay).

According to the Ebay listing..."

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dopeboimagic923097d ago

First the inFamous press book and now this. Keep it up, guys!

Sev3097d ago

I search Ebay for random rare PS3 related stuff all the time. Not just for the sake of stories. But in case I want to buy something :)

Cerberus_Hunter3097d ago

Then why don't you buy this? Never mind, It's so obvious is not even funny...

I'll leave it at that 'cause i don't have anything against you or your site but there are better ways of doing this.

doctorstrange3097d ago

is probably because he is lucky that his site is big enough to get press kits for free

Blaze9293096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

reason he doesnt buy it is becuase Playstation Lifestyle staff that is probably the one selling it, if not him alone and doing self promotion here on n4g. Sad part is none of these items are "rare" or anything. It's just a booklet PR sends out sometimes with some games to help that journalist review the game. Basically buying a book telling you how to play the game. Nothing rare or of value with these press kit books. Its exactly what it is, PRESS KIT....a KIT.

Poopface the 2nd3096d ago

Keep up the good work Sev, Im sure some moron will buy your crap.

N4GAddict3096d ago

Sev linked directly to Amazon with his referral tag before on N4G. So I wouldn't be surprise if it is his auction.

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Lifewish3097d ago

a lot of press kits lately.. some very cool stuff indeed

dopeboimagic923097d ago

Smells like some site is trying to get some side-cash :P

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