Weekly Recap Aug 1st: PS3 Costs Are Down, Twilight Game, Too Human 2

Blend Games writes:

"The last week of July and the first day of August has provided gamers with some darn good tidbits of gaming information that's well worth recapping. First off, Blend Games Rich Knight gives us a brief history of Mother, as the game is now 20 years old. We have some coverage on the drastic drop of production costs for the PS3, some new info on the Twilight game, news about a new Ghost Recon, The Darkness 2, and delays for Splinter Cell: Conviction, again. Also, be sure to check out the article about Konami being shamed with the depraved SAW game. These stories and more in this week's edition of the Blend Games' Weekly Recap."

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ape0073301d ago

price cut

don't forget the 3-hour press conference by sony at gamescom

cyguration3301d ago

price cut rumors have been floating around for ages.

kevco333300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

The Slim rumours have, ugh, resurfaced again too. One or the other guys, they're not going to cut the price AND bring the Slim to market at the same time, unless they plan on selling them as two different SKUs side-by-side.

cayal3300d ago

I'm sick of Twilight.

Polluted3300d ago

So there was a time when you *weren't* sick of it?

Max Power3300d ago

what it sounds like to me.

3300d ago