GOONL!NE: Congratulations, Activision, You've Scared Everyone Off

Jonathan Cullen, Managing Editor, GOONL!NE: "Congratulations Activision, you have become EA.

You know, EA that cared about money only, and not making the great games, from 2003 – 2007.

That EA.

Modern Warfare 2 has scared everyone off into Q1 2010 mostly (bar a couple, Halo 3: ODST, Forza 3 and Uncharted 2 notably) and a UK price hike for the game seems to have everyone follow suit. So, here is an open letter to Activision, stating why we, the gamer, say enough is enough."

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ThatCanadianGuy3271d ago

"Jonathan Cullen, Managing Editor, GOONL!NE:"

Pffhaha! Wow man.You sure like to promote yourself huh?
It's a glorified blog.Nothing more.

-Mezzo-3271d ago

That was heavy lol. Activision sucks by the way.

Bnet3433271d ago

That is funny. It's funny because he makes it sound like this PUKEONLINE is IGN or some sh*t.

Bnet3433271d ago



"My first system was a PlayStation when I got it back in 1997, with Crash Bandicoot and Porche Challenge."

His first console was a PS1 in '97? This f*ck sh*t isn't even legal to do a porn ha ha. It's like reading a kids blog. What a kunt. Looks like a Harry Potter reject LOL.

3271d ago
beeeffess3271d ago

I'm beginning to hate MW2 before it is even out.

Yet I'll still buy it (even for that price). Might as well, sod all else is coming out because of it.

cranium3271d ago

If I buy it (haven't bought a CoD game yet), I'll definitely buy it used just because of what Activision is doing. The only game that I've ever bought used is Uncharted but that was because the store was out of new copies :)

Gamertags3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Some of you are happy with Nothing. Activision is awesome. Call of Duty games are off the hook. COD 4 is one of my favorite games and when COD MW2 comes out, I will get it on launch day.

You know it will be great!

Also, the graphics aren't dated at all. Right up there with KZ2. Some of you need to upgrade to an HDTV!

Max Power3271d ago

I have Demon's Soul and Uncharted 2 to play, I won't be picking up MW2 for a long time (all FPS out, need some RPG and I can't say no to Nathan Drake)

Jim Hawking3271d ago

I saw this coming the second that they started milking Guitar Hero.

Blaze9293271d ago

Lol, it ended? Sheeeeeet I must have missed that for it's still going on!

Chubear3271d ago

I so want to support a developer team like Infinity Ward. A team that didn't b* and cry or make excuses about why their game has different quality across the platforms.

They've done so well by gamers but unfortunately they're linked to Activision. I've decided I'll support IW by renting their game but if not for IW I wouldn't even bother buying it used to be honest. btw KZ2, R2 and MAG, I just don't look at MW2 as something I NEED to experience cause I'm more than covered when it comes to FPSs.

Many other genres I'm looking forward to and the only shooter I'll be getting is Uncharted and MAG if that comes out this year. I'll rent MW2 next summer during the summer gaming drought.

IaMs123271d ago

Yah id have to agree, i am starting to hate on MW2 but yet still wanting it. We seriously need to do something about these High price for buying games new. I mean the PC version is still cheaper and its the superior one most the time. Drop the prices! We need to revolt or something seriously, if its okay now next year the price will be 70 and so on.

Bnet3433271d ago

I won't be riding this bandwagon. I'm going to buy Modern Warfare 2. I don't care who publishes the game, IW made COD4 which, if memory serves me right, everyone loved here at N4G and outside.

mastiffchild3271d ago

@chubear-I won't be buying, renting or playing any MW2 at all myself until IW distance themselves from Activisions blatant ripp off of UK gamers like myself.

It isn't as if Acti are gonna drop them so with their silence they're saying it's fine to shaft UK gamers, aren't they? And for those of you living outside the sceptred isle-how would you feel if it was your country they were doin this to? I doubt my fellow UK gamers will have the willpower to refuse MW2 even at the higher price, mind, so come next IW game it'll be everyone paying a premium.

I honestly don't recall EA being quite as bad and double standard riddled as Acti have been of late and, really, I'm pig sick of them and the ay they constantly make us in the Uk pay extra for their games/crappy placcy peripherals.

Jaces3271d ago

MW is overrated.

It's fun but I just don't see where all the hype is coming from. It's just another generic FPS like all the others out there cept for a few good parts here and there.

@Gamertags: Graphics on par with KZ2....your funny. :D

IdleLeeSiuLung3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I love CoD4, so will get this brand new, but after it hits $40 or so. Anyhow, Activision must be jumping with joy because there are now a considerable fewer competitors.

I'm not for higher price, but in some ways we should be rewarding the companies that make great games and MW2 is lined up to be one hell of a game. I could name plenty of games that aren't worth $40 let alone $60 at release. CoD4 was worth the $60 although I paid $40 almost 1-2 weeks after release, but would gladly have paid $60 for it.

phosphor1123270d ago

I probably wont even buy any of blizzards games.. which would be a huge bummer... but i'm almost at that point.

Mozilla893270d ago

Uncharted 2, FIFA 10,MAG, and of course MW2. Oh and maybe some Demon Souls. I'm not too worried about not having enough games this year and especially not at the beginning of next year.

pixelsword3270d ago

Come back to me.



BattleAxe3270d ago

Its funny how Activision threatened Sony to drop the price of athe PS3, yet they jack up the price for MW2............... go figure

FOXDIE3270d ago

there is only one thing I want to say and thats, Fu*k Activision.
Iv only played their Guitar Hero games before, but from now on I wont buy any of their games till they get some better attitude towards costumers.

On an other note, the article is right, EA is better today. They have bought some good top notch AAA studios and are making some new games like Dead space, Dantes inferno etc.


I would say i am with mastiffchild on this one.

i won't be touching the game. worse case, mybe next year i pick it up pre-owned.

I do feel bad for IW in a way, but hey... they should be telling activision that what they are doing is on at all.

anyway, there are plenty of other great games out, i will be supporting gear box with borderlands. some 4 player co-op rpg shooting sounds like it will be just as much fun.

and i don't now if its just me, but has anyone noticed that cod4 seems to play it off latetly. There seems to be way more lag going on, even when everyone in the room as full connections. my nades seem to take so long to go off, i don't seem to kill people with them anymore.

anyway, for competitive online fun its the racing games that are doing it for me this year. If GT5 hits and with forza 3 out as well that will be more then enough fun for the year. activision can go suck a lemon.

callahan093270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Yeah, action/RPG fans with a PS3 should definitely get Demon's Souls this fall. It'll occupy you straight through to 2010, easily. It took me 113 hours to get the platinum trophy in the Chinese version of the game. There's only so many hours in the day for someone who works or goes to school, so it'll last you a long, long time. Plus, there is by no means any reason to STOP playing just because you got the platinum. The game has so much to do it's crazy. But Modern Warfare 2? Well, I agree that Infinity Ward are a class act development team, but the way Activision's been going lately, I have a hard time supporting anything they do. I want to support the Ward, but I don't want to support Activision. So, I'll just wait it out and play some of other goodness coming later on this year.

Carl14123270d ago

Indeed, i hate Acti these days. And i hate Mw2. I never really liked the look of the game, but so many peoplewere buying it that i was at least considering it. But as soon as they hiked up their price and seemingly done bugger all to the COD4 engine, they can bugger right off.

If i do get it (doubtful) it will be sometime next year an off the preowned shelf (and i NEVER buy preowned games)

DaTruth3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Actually they do it all the time in my country(Canada). Our currency has been fluctuating against the US dollar for a few years now(mostly good), so games keep on going up and down in price. We use to pay $59.99CAD when we were above par, but our currency dropped $.20 below par and now we pay $69.99CAD.

My Playstation 2 cost me $549.99CAD, my PS3 cost me $629.99(estimate).

Mr Marbles3270d ago

what exactly is it that Activision did that is so bad? I think folks are just hating on them because they stood up to Sony. You guys hate anyone who does not have their head up Sony's @ss.

Also, the hypocrite point is weak, Activision asked Sony to lower the PS3 price because no one is buying it (buy Playstation standards)
Activision raised the price of MW2 because everyone will buy it, basic supply and demand, we're lucky more companies don't do the same, they would have every right to.

phosphor1123270d ago

This is Milkavision we are talking about. They will have DLC for MW2 when it comes out. They are upping the price on an already expensive price tag, and releasing poor products on a yearly/biannual basis. It's not because they don't have their "head up Sony's ass," it's that their obvious agenda is to make money even they they ARE making more money than every game company out there. They want the price on the PS3 to go down so more people will buy their games, thats why. They already make millions in revenue from the PS3 alone, yet Kotick wants to "threaten" Sony. It's stupid. It's just pure greed, and I won't be buying anything from them.

beardtm3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

So everyone is delaying they're games to 2010 because they don't want to compete with modern warfare 2.

How can anyone blame Activision for this?

As for the price least you will get £55 worth out of this game. Yet you hate them for the price.

But where is the hate for other companies for charging us £40 for the shambles such as..Bionic Commando, Black site, and the countless movie tie ins (except from x:men origins,that was pretty good :))

edit: quick check online and its £45: the same price modern warfare one was.

BWS19823270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

for the price hike then, though some places will sell it for the same, it did go up on the PC version....Activision's comments on the PS3 have me loathing them as a company, and that's not likely to wear off any time soon. $60 for a PC game just for profit, comments about killing Sony support, a plastic add-on for Tony Hawk games which will now jack up the price...they're everything this industry shouldn't be. I've never heard a leader of a corporation talk so arrogantly and irrationally since I heard Kotick open his useless mouth.

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SmokingMonkey3271d ago

does ANYONE have a source for MAG's delay except gamestop or amazon's dates?

doctorstrange3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Although the PSLS fact sheet (from Sony) did say 'Launch Date: Fall 2009'

Atomic3271d ago

overrated company.
we give them too much credit, yet their only offering worth something is a noob-friendly twitchy generic shooter, with outdated graphics.

Jrome3271d ago

All they did was bring modern weapons to CoD...and impliment an actual online system.


Panthers3271d ago

COD is a great game, but it requires no skill. I am skipping out on MW2 and just staying with Socom. THe only reason i got COD4 was because I was waiting for Socom to come out.

navyguy213271d ago

Im going to get MW2 used just to spite Activision!! As long as i have Uncharted 2 and Alpha Protocol this fall, ill be ok.

BattleAxe3270d ago

Socom was great on the PS2, but Confrontation sucks. MW2 will be a far better game then Socom and so will Uncharted 2's online.

Raf1k13270d ago

You're right and it's the games that require little or no skill that seem to sell the best.

BkaY3270d ago

or i will buy it from the bargain bin... i can wait 6 to 8 months...
coz i have to finish "warhawk" first...long way to go but i'll do it ..

i still have MW ... loved it but Activision is being an azz...

i was thinking about buying guitar hero metallica .... but naa....

peace and keep on gaming and dont support bullsh!t.

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