Car Chase Machinima; Live For Speed - Collateral Collision

Gamer Limit writes "Collateral Collision is the result of a huge collaborative effort from the Live For Speed (an online PC racing simulation) community, along with my dedicated passion for movie car chases. The aim was simple - to deliver the most authentic representation of a movie car chase that was physically possible within the realms of a machinima film."

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chrisjc3301d ago

For a fan-made project, it's worth watching.

phosphor1123301d ago

It would be such a happy day of GT matched that one day. (on a physics level, not graphically, even on high the graphics on LFS isn't that hot)

StartWars3301d ago

Since I was the director, I can vouch for the amount of work and effort that went into this mammoth project!

DangerCurtis3301d ago

I don't know what is up with that Celica, but I hope someone kicks him in the balls. Did you see what he did to that SAAB? Not to mention that poor little Mini Coop. In all seriousness, great video. That was totally freakin awesome.

StartWars3301d ago

The other car was actually a Vauxhall ;)

forgetting_you3301d ago

Well worth the watch even if your not an lfs fan.

GrahameG3301d ago

You can't help but applaud all the hard work that has gone into this project. All made in the spare time of some hardcore enthusiasts.

I love how the mini cooper gets what's coming to it. Not at all to do with the fact my ex drives one... :P

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The story is too old to be commented.