Allow Criss Angel to Mindfreak you, get a free (virtual) couch

Presumably to entice virtual patrons into PlayStation Home, Sony's offering up a free viewing of Criss Angel's Mindfreakon August 6th. As if virtually watching a magic trickillusionshow starring the often farcical Criss Angel weren't enough, the company is enticing folks to watch with a free coffin couch.

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doctorstrange3054d ago

How is this showing, in the home theatre?

Godmars2903054d ago

And the US get Mindfreaked.

What does EU get?

poopsack3054d ago

BUTTFREAK!!!!! are u steady?

cyberwaffles3053d ago

"Allow Criss Angel to Mindfreak you"

that sounds so wrong in so many ways.


AuToFiRE3053d ago

i was thinking the exact same thing... AH HES IN OUR HEADS!!

Etseix3053d ago

ROFL *get mindfreaked* dam, that sounds worst than *get raped*

Gamingisfornerds3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

All his tricks are not even cleverly constructed. He has actors for just about everything, including the "audience" and "volunteers".

We all now these illusionists just pull off tricks, but when they're not even clever and relying on actors and high tech bla bla, it's got nothing to do with being an illusionist.

What a bullsh*t

NeloRisi3053d ago

And its a real crock of bull. I mean seriously. *Seriously*.

Godmars2903053d ago

Still, its worth a free couch. Even a virtual one. I guess.

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