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OGharryjoysticks3034d ago

and might as well have had the Batman game listed only for PS3 because that's the version to buy since it's the only one to let you play as the Joker too.

Charlie_Shene3034d ago

lol the 5 games that guy choose were probaly the only ones he knows. haha

Vecta3034d ago

Well I assume the site is trying to cater to a wider audience then your closed mined, which rules out Madden, or any sports game.

And I guess they try not to show their biased opinion like you do, so that rules out the Batman comment.

JL3034d ago

^Not exactly sure what "wider audience" has to do with leaving out Madden. From everything I hear Madden is going to be pretty good, and EA has actually stepped up their game with this year's iteration of Madden. Still won't be buying it as I already have a Madden, but still.

That aside, I'll definitely be picking up Batman. Can't wait to give that a try. Seems like it could be pretty awesome.

Jaces3034d ago


Can't wait to terrorize Arkham Asylum with the Dark Knight. :D

3034d ago
RememberThe3573034d ago

2.Madden 10
3.Metriod Prime Trilogy
4.Dissidia Final Fantasy
5.Batman: Arkham Asylum.

GameForFame3033d ago

Must be a pretty weak month if these games show up.


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40cal3034d ago

I am all over this game for the month. Loving the demo and paid in full, all that is left to do is wait.

Oh, and get some more time in with inFAMOUS and Fat Princess.

N4GAddict3034d ago

Me too; already pre-ordered Dissidia at Amazon.

jeseth3034d ago

No Madden 2010?


kunit22c3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Sounds like a fanboy is hurt by the fact that there TWO Wii games up there but not two for his 360, come Microsoft and heal his wounds Natal, wait what? that makes them burn more? / Anyways both of those Wii games on his list arnt shovelware. Cursed mountain actually looks like a pretty good horror game, and how could you not like the great deal of getting all of the Metroid prime trilogy for $50?! Although Wolfenstine, and Batman: Arkham Asylum do look great! PC, PS3 and Wii owner FTW!! even though i dont have a PS3 yet that is the perfect gaming combo this gen!

ry-guy3033d ago


Look at his avatar.

He isn't a 360 fanboy.


kunit22c3033d ago

Since when did liking metal gear make you PS3 fanboy?? I like the metal gear series but i dont own a PS3.. also with MG: rising coming along the 360 fanboys might start worshiping the MG series. anyways you might be right.. but usually its not PS3 fanboys that act that immature its usually the 360 fanboys.

ry-guy3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Since when did my comment say he was any type of fanboy?

All I said was that his avatar would suggest he isn't a 360 fanboy.

Just because someone is on this site, does not automatically label them any type of fanboy.

DaTruth3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

When someone disses someone else's system, it makes them appear as a fanboy! If I said the same about the 360, the 360 owners would be all over me, calling me SDF cheerleader. Same goes for PS3 owners(actually, you will lose bubbles here because they are more numerous on this site).

Diss the 360 lineup in the next article about exclusives and you will know what I mean.

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gersh3034d ago

Batman is the one I'm looking forward to.
On PS3 of course.

XDF3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

"On PS3 of Course"

LOL, I hope that make you feel a lot better by saying that...

I, of course, will wait for comparisons and reviews on both side before deciding on which version to get. I don't want another Chostbusters fiasco, an exclusive Joker playable character in some challenge room will not make that much of a difference.

DaTruth3033d ago

Lol, hope your fanboyish rebuttal made you feel much better!

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