Here We Go Again: 7-Year-Old Drives Car; GTA Blamed

Kotaku Writes... In Utah last Sunday, young Preston Scarborough took the family sedan for a spin. Instant media sensation, of course. A Fox News anchor was bold enough to ask did teh Grand Theft Auto do it?

In the video, which you may see here, Klint Anderson, a spokesman for the Weber County Sheriff's Office, mentioned that Preston's dad took away a driving video game, which is a good detail, fine. But the anchor smells the blood in the water. "Ahhh, ahh, something like a Grand Theft Auto? Something like that?" Objection! Leading the witness!

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r2deuce3340d ago

They need to realize that boy is a future felon and GTA is not to blame.

Sonyslave33340d ago

They should blame god the parents said he took the car because he didn't want to go to church.

-Mezzo-3340d ago

Why do i have a hard time believing it, i think that was not what made him do such a thing.

Ateeq3340d ago

LOL i saw that video yesterday and could not stop laughing, and as for blaming the GTA i think it is stupid to point your fingers before you are sure of it.

Spydiggity3340d ago

If they're going to blame these events ON games like GTA. shouldn't we blame the auto industry FOR games like GTA?

i mean you make cars nice and comfortable to make people want to drive them...then when they do drive them, you want to blame someone else.

Panthers3340d ago

That was hilarious. Especially when he got out and started bookin. But he was just scared about being grounded or something.

ANyways, parents should not let a 7yr old play GTA.

Seraphim3340d ago

definitely stupid. It's as if kids started driving/stealing cars once GTA released. Not the case. Kids, few, have been taking joyrides for YEARS. Crap, I remember once when I was a kid my dad left the keys in the car and the gravel/cement yard with me in. Guess what? Yeah, I took it for a spin. :D There was no GTA when I was a kid. Just Mario Bros, and Kid Icarus.... ;) what a joke these stories are...

FreeMonk3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

it wasn't Gears of could of been a bloody massacre!

Heldrasil3340d ago

@ 1.4
There may not have been GTA, but they could have blamed it on your copy Pole Position for the 2600.....

mastiffchild3340d ago

Vid wouldn't work for me! Did the kid actually even play GTA? Didn't seem like he had but I guess if you're a US news abchor it's almost expected of you to have a pop at GTA isn't it?

Must've been an automatic, though, my 7 year old wouldn't have a hope with a manual with clutches and whatnot that he could barely reach so if this kid DID do a decent job with a manual he's got some talent!

BrianC62343339d ago

I heard this kid say he watched his mom and sister drive. Does that mean no kids in cars anymore because they might be smart enough to figure out how to drive by watching someone? Maybe they should be locked up in crates in the back of minivans or something.

Pain3339d ago

Almost fell of the couch when you see the car stop and this 'Kid' gets out start 's running..Man..

i was like WFT!!??? that a Kid?? or a Midget?? then u read the headline and it say "kid steal's car" wow funny..

p.s what a Good should put his A$$ in Go karts!!! And make daddy some money!!

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Sonyslave33340d ago

7 Year Old Boy Drives Off For Not Tryin To Go To Church & Gets Chased By Police


Steve0073340d ago

I think what Mezzo means is that he's having a hard time believing that Church was the reason he ran off.

-Mezzo-3340d ago

Yes Steve007 is right that's what i meant.

Poopface the 2nd3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

When I was little I hated going to Church. Its hard for little kids to sit still while listening to the same thing over and over every week. The little kid probably wanted to stay home and play GTA.

,now that I think about it, a kid trying to get away from Church that bad? They better investigate the priest. LOL JK.

Sonyslave33340d ago

i saw the video too and the little boy said i did it because i didn't want to go to church where the fvck gta come from.

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