TAWKN's Post Factum: God of War

Josh Rai writes: This was my second time playing through God of War (GoW), the legendary game starring Kratos and designed by David Jaffe. GoW has an average of 94 on Metacritic easily placing it in the top 20 PS2 games (given average score alone) and many have hailed it as the best PS2 game. Simply put GoW has become one of the definitive games for the PS2. There is no doubt that in 2005 GoW was a pinnacle in video games, but it is now 4 years old - does GoW still hold up?

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sunil3342d ago

Epic fail - the QTE's gelled extremely well into the gameplay...
the rest were puzzle solving and I for one loved the game for its puzzle solving sequences (one among many reasons)

About R2 to open doors - that was one bad decision in the game

Polluted3342d ago

Hmmm. I still think it holds up well. When I needed money to get a PS3 I traded in all my PS2 games except for both GoW's and Timesplitters 2. I'll give it another play before GoW3 comes out.

LordMarius3342d ago

played like two months ago, I thought the graphics would bother me but nope, the action and story just suck me back in all over again

UnSelf3342d ago

I think we should all give it another play before 3 comes. To me GOW started the QTE, and til dis day no one has did it betta

3342d ago
emk20043342d ago

i still like it more than i do most new ps3/360 games.

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