Rumor Killers: Too Human 2, More Dead Space & Wii Movie Channel

TheGameReviews writes: "Supposedly Too Human achieved a huge number of pre-orders, but ultimately sold quite badly, likely causing the loss of a number of jobs at Silicon Knights not long after its release. So is a sequel to Too Human really possible? Well, a Canadian press release suggests otherwise, claiming the new title from the developer to be Sirens in the Maelstrom. Whether this is a subtitle for Too Human 2, or even accurate, is still in question, but Too Human 2: Sirens in the Maelstrom is certainly one possibility. But would customers want to risk $60 on a sequel to a game that got lambasted from nearly all corners? Also, the first game had huge backing from Microsoft, including huge adverts to putting screenshots on the back of Xbox 360 console boxes, but I can't see Microsoft doing that again, given that they would probably rather brush Too Human under the carpet and concentrate on their more popular exclusives"

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SirLarr3338d ago

I liked Too Human. It wasn't the greatest thing ever but I had fun playing through it once.

Haly3338d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one! Having said that, I think I'd have been very disappointed by it if I'd paid full price rather than waiting for a price drop.

uxo223338d ago

How can they call something a rumor killer if they are going to give a verdict of "Probable" Or "Not Likely". Seems to me that nothing has been cleared up.

Gamertags3338d ago

You know you have a good news story when it is written like this. Using such words as "supposedly" and "likely."

I tell you one thing, if you do not know for sure what you are talking about you should say anything at all. Real news is based on fact not guesses.

TheColbertinator3338d ago

I hated Too Human. It wasn't the worst thing ever but I think a sequel might repair the issues the first one had

Eiffel3338d ago

Never played it. My friends seem to enjoy it. I may try it to see from both sides why people hate on it and why people love it. Because everything about it right now feels split to me. Like North and South.

TheColbertinator3338d ago

Yeah give it a shot.It has good concepts,I just didn't like the execution.Typical issue with most RPGs

dachiefsman3338d ago

Too Human was okay the first time through which was 4 to 5 hours. After that you start seeing the flaws in the game. Once you see the flaws, it gets more and more frustrating.

I took the game out and said, "Did I actually pay 60 dollars for this piece of hyped dennis dyack sh!t!"

Wastrel53338d ago

Too Human is a classic guilty pleasure game. I didn't like it at all but couldn't help playing it night after night until the bitter end. And hey! It's Denis Dyack - worth $60 just to see him on another PR tour.

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-Mezzo-3338d ago

TOO HUMAN was a big disappointment i don't think Xbox fans can go throw that again.

-MD-3338d ago


I'm all for a Too Human 2 I really enjoyed the first one as a rental.

-Mezzo-3338d ago

Correction Appreciated.

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