ComputerShopper: Sony VAIO W Review

Sony's highly anticipated entry into the netbook market doesn't bring with it any real surprises or advances. But it does pack a uniquely Sony design and a superb high-resolution screen that make it a welcome entry into the crowded netbook market.

The VAIO W looks like a miniaturized version of Sony's full-sized VAIO design.

The VAIO W is available in pink, brown, and white. Other than color, the exterior design doesn't look very distinctive from the competition. With its rounded, 1.3-inch–thick case, only the silver VAIO logo on the lid clearly differentiates it from an MSI Wind or Samsung netbook. Crack open the lid, though, and the design is distinctly Sony.

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OGharryjoysticks3183d ago

Got me one of the Gold ones. It's champ. Sony are even sending me Windows 7 free since the thing came installed with Vista.