Rare InFamous Press Kit Hits the Auction Block

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: Whoever thought that the Special Edition of inFamous was cool, you haven't seen anything yet. A new rare inFamous press kit has hit eBay, and it will most likely "shock" you.

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techie3031d ago

Oh cool I've got this, but mine is better. Got a plastic wallet etc.

The Matrix3031d ago

I used to love all this video game promo stuff...until I decided that buying the actual game was a bit more important. Oh, and university. lol

Blaze9293031d ago

Why do I suspect you're doing a little self promotion here for a item you or staff members are the ones likely doing. Below:

"Well it's only $9.99 right now, you should bid on it. You might end up winning it for that. "

That's interesting. Not only is nothing rare about these press kits which only tell you how to play the game btw (have no value at all in reality, not signed not anything) but this is just sad.

vhero3030d ago

A booklet?? whoever buys this stuff for more than a few dollars is an idiot.

N4GAddict3030d ago

Shameless way for to make a few bucks. He's done this before too by linking to Amazon using his referral link.

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Scolar Visari3031d ago

Me and Sev were thinking about $100. What do you guys think?

Sev3031d ago

Wow, you sure went for an exact number. Is that what you bid? LOL

SevWolf3031d ago

Well, it'll probably start off at a hundered, but I'll bet that it'll EASILY reach over 150$

Information Minister3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Considering the auction will last another 6 days and the item reached $60 in under 5 hours, I would say it will easily reach $200.

MasterChief36243031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

I'm guessing it will sell for $629.21, considering how high it is already...

N4Flamers3031d ago

I wouldnt pay for this, thank god there is a nation out there that is not me. $234.96 for an art book and no game.

Willio3031d ago

i dont think it will sell in honesty. the bidders are the seller's friend. Look at the bid history, its all the same 4 people.

JL3031d ago

Do I get to go on the Showcase Showdown if I guess closest without going over? I bet $152.

lol It's already almost $80.

doctorstrange3024d ago

It sold for $112.50, damn my guess was wrong

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dopeboimagic923031d ago

I want this thing so bad...

Sev3031d ago

Well it's only $9.99 right now, you should bid on it. You might end up winning it for that.

Captain Tuttle3030d ago

You shouldn't be using N4G to sell your stuff.

Lifewish3031d ago

i bet it heats up and goes easily for over 150 bucks

Jim Crikey3031d ago

Interesting, but...I bought the UK version, with media disc and press demo code, off ebay months ago.

Call me Mr Cynical, but I think whoever originally reported this as news is the guy selling it. :)

slpknt6sic63031d ago

lol yeah i think its Scolar Visari or SEV selling this too:)

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