PSU: Heavenly Sword Preview

PSU updates their preview on upcoming PS3 title Heavenly Sword. With new information about the game from other news sources as well as their recent interview...if you want to know all about the game, read it here.

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no_more_heroes4220d ago

Haven't forgotten ya, don't worry. Oh by the way this is still s0m1jamaican. I just changed my name cuz I was tired of it.

JohnCarpenter4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

Nothing really new. Looks like they use high detailed textures and models for the cut scenes, like it is done i.e. in gears...
Again i'm not sure if i like the in-game graphic style. Too much bloom effect makes it look a bit like cell shading. Additional the "depth of field" .... reminds me of oil paintings.
But i always liked the game in motion.