RE: Kingdom Hearts III: The IGN Concept

SCRAWL's Matthew writes: "Ryan Clements over at the world renown game website IGN, put together an amazing article that outlined and detailed what he felt, would make Kingdom Hearts III, the perfect game. As we all know Kingdom Hearts is one of Square's biggest franchises and has one of the biggest fan bases in the video game industry. We saw the series take off with a very different approach, incorporating characters of the Disney franchise to battle along side those of the Final Fantasy franchise; as well as original characters created just for the game. When Kingdom Hearts took off, it was one of the biggest successes of both companies. Several years later we are now still waiting for any official piece of news on the third direct sequel to the franchise, and until we have any new source of information the only thing we can do is dream, speculate, and elaborate and add on to the IGN concept of Kingdom Hearts III."

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