Putting PS3 On A Diet

Greg A [Watchful], Senior Writer of TSA writes:

The rumours have been growing stronger for some time, to the point where we can be relatively confident in seeing a 'PS3 Slim' sometime later this year. Whether Sony choose to announce the rumoured hardware refresh in August at gamescom in Cologne or in September at the Tokyo Game Show I have no idea, though Cologne is now looking more likely. Here I present a look at how Sony has been progressing towards a PS3 Slim since the PS3's launch almost three years ago.

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Maddens Raiders3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

"this week in their conference call Sony revealed that they had reduced the manufacturing cost of the PS3 by roughly 70% which brings it down to around $250. The fact that that is a 45% drop from the estimated cost of the 80GB PS3 less than a year ago leads me to suspect that it refers to another new SKU, the PS3 Slim. If the PS3 Slim is indeed revealed in Cologne then in three weeks we will know…"

the best just keeps getting better....this machine is simply amazing, and was clearly planned with a long term future in mind a la the PS2.

gumgum993270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

yep, that's how Sony rolls. Whatever happens this generation, they have done a fantastic job, both strategically, and financially.