Canceled Pandemic Wii title wanted to be 'The Next Big Thing'

Joystiq Writes.... After EA shuttered the Australian arm of Mercenaries dev house Pandemic Studios, a few projects were lost to the ether. A game based on the enormously popular film Dark Knight for 360 / PS3 as well as an "open-world Nintendo Wii game" were both rumored to be on the way from the Brisbane, Australia-based studio.

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-Mezzo-3124d ago

But it's cancelled no need to be Glad my friend.

Steve0073124d ago

To bad it got cancelled .

Ateeq3124d ago

what i cannot understand is that if they are so sure about it being the next Big thing why would they cancel it. this is BULL CRAP.

Smacktard3124d ago

It looks interesting. Nothing I'd buy, but you can tell a lot of effort seems to have been placed into it, and it looks fun. The Mii -> Hollywood person converter thing was pretty cool though.

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The story is too old to be commented.