Forza 2 Career Mode: Proving Grounds

There's blood on the tracks as we take Turn 10's racer for an extended test drive.

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End1ess4248d ago

Sucks about the overly aggressive AI but I think this game will turn out awesome anyways. Where's the demo!?!?

BrotherSic4248d ago

it does say that the author is not playing the final build so the AI issue will probably something they will pick up on if it is a common complaint

Inasid4248d ago

Looking forward to this "unremarkable" game.

power of Green 4248d ago

I wouldn't worru about any of this TURN/10 has said already they were still treaking AI a while back trying to perfect it. They also said they're still working on the Graphics and actually delayed the game because they wan't it to be the best looking racer ever my guess they'll improve the replay a littles and then match the gameplay with the replay or close to it. But yah! i can see why most forza fans ignored this thread due to fans reading of what t-10 is doing. lol