Final Fantasy XIV 'Famitsu Wave' Interview Pours Information

SCRAWL: "The September 2009 edition of Famitsu Wave has released in Japan sporting a DVD containing an eight-minute segment on Final Fantasy XIV. A lot of new information has come out of the DVD and we've got it for you.

Eorza is the name of a region that's the main setting of the game and as a full world, Vana'diel (from Final Fantasy XI) is naturally a little bigger. The actual world the game takes place in is called Haiderin. The style of Haiderin will be different from Vana'diel, aiming for a "high-fantasy" style setting. They want the setting to be more modern in comparison to Final Fantasy XI's more middle-age setting. There will be advanced technology in the world, as you've clearly seen from the skyships in the trailer."

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Marcelles253339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

That Was An Awesome interview

It Really Tells You A

Lot More About The Game

You Didn't Know. I Don't

See Why Any PS3 Owner

Would Get Final Fantasy XIII

When They Can Get V.XIII
Or This

Panthers3338d ago

Because they will all be great games. I am getting 13, V13, and maybe this. Not too sure because I am not into MMOs yet. I will be getting Star Wars TOR though when it comes out.

PixlSheX3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

I Agree With You

I Really Hope That

Final Fantasy XIV Turns

To Be As Good And Adictive

As Final Fantasy XI

Coz I'm Really Excited

About it.

Polluted3338d ago

Why are you guys

posting like this?

Is it a new internet

meme that I missed

out on?

Or what?

Panthers3338d ago

I think they are just trying to write poems or something.

Marcelles253338d ago

Its The New Thing To

Do You Guys Didn't Get

The Email Last Night Come

On You Had To.

raztad3338d ago




Ontopic: With FFXIV PS3 gets a wide spectrum in MMO offerings. The Agency, DConline and FFXIV provide a MMO for every taste. I'm not fond of MMOs but I dont mind to give them a try.

RememberThe3573338d ago

Now if only we had a wide spectrum in RPG offering. :(

PixlSheX3338d ago

Haha. I get your point theremember.
But seriously, there are great RPG's on PS3, even if they're multiplats. I mean, fallout3, oblivion, or the exclusives ones.. disgaea 3, white knight chronicles..

Really, last night i played demons souls at a friends house and it's really amazing.. i dare to say it's the best rpg i've played so far this generation. I'm waiting for the usa version coz i don't know how to import it.

iamtehpwn3338d ago

Final Fantasy XIV will be

Such an Amazing game

only on Playstation 3 and PC

quoth the Raven, "Nevermore".

GameGambits3338d ago

None of this information was new to me. I've read plenty of articles even back at E3 that stated ALL of this information.

I would've at least liked to know the beta dates, the # of races compared to FF11, how many weapon types(which would be classes in this game), and maybe how much more varied character customization will be in comparison to 11 since the choices were slim although well done.

Reibooi3338d ago


There will probably only be the races from Final Fantasy XI expect redone abit like they said. The concept art on the Official Site does not show any race that would be new so i doubt they will introduce one. Seeing as their reason for keeping the races from FFXI was because they would be Familiar to players it kinda makes no sense to add a new one if it's not needed.

As far as Jobs you can pretty much tell what will be in the game looking at the logo it has a ton of different weapons and I the very least they will probably bring back the Majority of the good jobs from FFXI while taking away some of the weaker ones like Puppetmaster.

Shibaa3337d ago

As most if not all players of the current mmo FFXI are aware SE has had a very negative attitude towards listening to players needs, and implementing sweeping changes to the game and policies without any forethought to the ramifications, and when you try to call their support line that is long distance and does not have an 800 number, the customer service will not give you a straight answer on anything, will not have info needed to assist in whatever the issue was you were calling about, and generally just do not care to help you.

The company is great for offline games where they do not need to support anything after launch but with an mmo that requires alot of support, expansions and new content, I warn you all to not bother unless you want to be severely let down.

See this acticle:

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Myst3338d ago

I'm curious now as to the no-leveling thing. Since I've gotten used to it through last remnant and somewhat through Monster Hunter I'm curious to see how it's going to work in XIV. It seems their are also more jobs this time around, hopefully at least one or two more races to or perhaps some more character customization more so than XI I hope.

Anyway I hope this game will do well.

Naar3338d ago

just like FFx ? gather up points and spend it to rais up your HP or STR
i dunno

Saaking3338d ago

PS3 owners get the full FF experiance with FF XIII, FF V XIII, FF XIV, and of course FF Agito XIII on the PSP. The bots only get FF XIII yet they celebrate. Delusional as always. I feel sorry for them.... NOT.

-MD-3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

PS3 owners =/= PSP owners.

I own a PS3 and Don't own a PSP so your post is pretty much worthless. You can guarantee XIV will hit 360 like they said.

So all in all you have verses and I'm pretty sure we still don't even have a screenshot for that game. I'm sorry your flagship franchise that shifts millions and millions of copies made its way to Microsoft's camp. I withdrew my preorder for XIII on my PS3 and put the money on the 360 version.

Doesn't that just warm the heart?

Saaking3337d ago

FF XIII is exclusive in Japan (where it sells the most) and I own a PS3 and PSP so the post made by me is true about me. Besides PSP/PS3= SOny just like you bots say 360/PC=Microsoft. When did they say FF XIV was coming to another console, last time I checked they said considering another platform and yes It's coming to P.C. that's almost guaranteed.

MurderMyDoll3338d ago

Well if they do really try hard to get rid of the leveling and grinding I'll surely buy this game. Grinding is the one reason I don't play any MMO's anymore and I hope that my favorite series Final Fantasy will be the one to have an MMO without the grinding bull%&$!.

Tony P3338d ago

"The style of Haiderin will be different from Vana'diel, aiming for a "high-fantasy" style setting. They want the setting to be more modern in comparison to Final Fantasy XI's more middle-age setting."

Why does that seem contrary to me?

CryofSilence3338d ago

Square's always been one to expertly blend the fantasy and sci-fi genres. We'll see how this one goes.

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