Koku Gamer: Rorschach iPhone Video Review

Koku Gamer writes: "Rorschach is a neat little party game for three to eight players based on the popular board game by Bucephalus of the same name. Developed by Divide By Zero, Rorschach tests your knowledge of your friends with a special twist: you dive into their subconscious. After players enter their names, the game starts by asking a question like, "Which one of these looks like it can fly?" or "Which looks the most nimble?" The game then asks the other players what the first player guessed. Points are earned by choosing the same answer as the other players or by choosing the inkblot that no one else chose."

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Wriggy3335d ago

Very good review. Shame the game isn't to my taste... and that I don't have an iPod Touch/iPhone!

Ziriux3335d ago

Yea after watching the video I must admit that the game is too simple and small to be given a score of 8/10, but than it's all in the gameplay. Look at Peggle not too much but yet it's fun and addictive.

Icemael3335d ago

This looks pretty neat, but it seems like the kinda game you'd play around with for an hour or so and never use again.

Salvadore3335d ago

Neat review, although the game isn't within my taste.

-Mezzo-3335d ago

i got the game and it's fun. i agree with the rating given.