Global domination is nigh, 360 releases in UAE

Microsoft is one step closer to video game global domination with the release of the Xbox 360 in the United Arab Emirates. The three day launch event kicked off a few days ago in the Mall of the Emirates featuring the 360, some friendly competition, and bunches of fun.

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xfrgtr4249d ago

"Global domination":HAHAHAHAHAHA! !!!!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4248d ago

makes you sound more Scared than sarcastic.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4248d ago

As much as I support the 360, I dont think this will ever happen. To many differences in the way people game and Microsoft alone can’t please everyone on the gaming front. Console “domination” (this round) maybe but not gaming.

kamakazi4248d ago

last time i checked JAPAN is part of this world too. somebody sure is overly optemistic. world domination i think not.

BIadestarX4248d ago

For some strange reason I feel as if you were talking about the PS3. The Xbox may be doing bad in Japan, but as far as it seems only the wii counts in Japan. Nintendo owns Japan. At least The 360 rules in America.

Uganda644248d ago

Yeah...not gonna happen. Japan, Europe, Middle East, Asia, those are parts of the world too. 360 needs to succeed there too before we can call global domination.

kewlkat0074248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

I think they are reffering to MS and the Xbox360 getting out much earlier in differnt parts of the world, then the other competitions at the moment.

WORLD WIDE MARKET-SATURATION, whether it sells I'm not sure but at least its out there. This was MS strategy for coming out early anyways. Can't say it's not working so far.

Well the numbers are steady(just do the homework), even if "stolen market saturation" is at a crawl. Still crawling away.

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