Please Stop Extending Your Games With Annoying Treasure Hunts

PushSquare: "I've been playing Sonic Unleashed this week. Don't get all facetious, it's not like there has been anything interesting released. I'm using the time to delve into the past Playstation games I missed. I just so happen to like Sonic. The game is fine really, nothing special, nothing terrible. Sadly though, it falls into the trap of one of my most hated video game pet hates - treasure hunting."

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Menchi3156d ago

I agree, incorporating treasure hunts and the like, as a forced method of progressing the game, is tedious, and unneeded

On the other hand, I absolutely love hidden collectibles, that are completely optional.

Developers should realize, that choice is an amazing thing, and the more a user has of it, the better. Well, most of the time.

ChickeyCantor3156d ago

...aren't the gamers saying that it gives you the idea you have achieved something? Its HARDKOREEEEE right?

In RPG's it makes sense, it also allows you to build up some XP before you progress. I rather grind in stupid mission than to walk in the overwold for 2 hours or so.

Ravage273156d ago

well to be fair, most (quality) games uses treasure hunts as an optional sidequest (trophies,source of income,power upgrade, etc..)

Rented Prince of Persia recently and while i absolutely love the beautiful art style and the great story (what an epic twist!) , i do hate the way they force me to hunt for light orbs to continue the story. It kind of break the pacing imo.

Treasure hunting is definitely my least favourite part of gaming.

PirateThom3156d ago

Funny enough, I actually enjoyed collecting the light orbs so much, I went back and collected all of them.

Ratchet_Co3156d ago

I kind of liked the orb hunting in Prince of Persia. It was really easy because each area had a number of light seeds and you could track your progress well enough that it wasn't boring.

HOWEVER, I hate treasure hunting in which the game provides no direction and no progress on what you are collecting.

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Ravage273156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

I just don't really enjoy treasure hunting of any it Uncharted's treasure,KZ2's emblems&intel cases,inFamous's blast shards,RE5's emblems&treasures,Fallout3 's bobbleheads,COD4's briefcases...etc

While they are fun to collect leisurely(since they do offer incentives like extra $$$,power upgrades,unlocks storyline), i never really try to get more than 20% of them.

PoP kind of forces me to scrutinize the entire area though, esp. when trying to acquire the 3rd and 4th powers. That was also the time when the story really starts to pick up and i was (slightly) pissed about it. I still like it a lot though :) that will be the 4th multiplat that i enjoyed this gen

get2sammyb3156d ago

Exactly the same. Whoever thinks these things are fun is mad.