Has Square Enix Banned Logic?

Relax -- Final Fantasy XI will be just fine.

That's what the development team said two months ago, right after Square Enix announced the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XIV. Although the news was embraced across the MMO universe, many FFXI players voiced concern over how this would affect their game. The development team reacted quickly, saying they already had a year's worth of updates all planned out, and that they had no intention of stopping after that.

But is everything OK in Vana'diel?

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Godmars2903342d ago

When they backed the 360 over the PS3 in Japan?

Megaton3342d ago

Need to overthrow that worthless bastard, Wada.

TheColbertinator3342d ago

The smart thing would be to support both.PS3 sales dominate in Japan,360 sales dominate in the West.Everyone knows this and SE does not lol

Kushan3342d ago

The smart thing to do would be to stop releasing crap games.

A_Little_Girl3342d ago

360 dont dominate sales in the rest, u troll. both ps3 and 360 in the west are 5 million apart.

Godmars2903342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

No, stop making crap games that aren't *fun*

Back in the day, Squaresoft, and especially Enix, made crap titles that didn't sell were for hardcore gamers with lousy stories and scripts, but at the end of the day they had good solid play mechanics.

S/E's not letting their people put themselves into their projects or they've just failed to develop, aren't having fun with the tech. That's why the closet thing to a good game they've made this gen has been on the DS.

And Little Girl, I have no idea what you said, or even if you're addressing me. just saying don't be what you're calling yourself.

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El Botto3342d ago

And the end of FF11 may be near. So what? The game is 8 years old!!

Shibaa3342d ago

In case you are not aware there has been a lot of people getting wrongfully banned recently, and your customer support service has no clue what is going on.

There was what players refer to as the "growing ban" where a lot of players that had mules to grow items and npc them were banned. I'm not sure if this can be called a "growing ban" as all it did was ban people who sold stuff to 1 npc that was outside the mog house in bastok mines. In fact if you sold anything to that npc you were banned.

Then there is the "credit card ban" where people who in the past were banned due to a charge back issue, were told to contact SE to have corrected and that it would not leave a mark on the acct, well people are still banned and still getting banned. SE implements the "verified by visa" and "MasterCard secure code" and changed the TOS right at the end of the month. No real time for notice, several people have cards that are not a prepaid card, that do not support this. In the message about the update it stated that if you had a card that did not support these programs to call you. However when people call you, you're customer service again is just as clueless and all they can say is get a different card. Some had thought this was to eliminate rmt by getting rid of prepaid card, but some prepaid cards do have this verification option, so in fact it will not stop rmt, and in fact the only reason it was implemented was to stop people from doing charge backs. If your billing was not messed up to begin with and cause double charges, and if it was would be easier to contract your company to resolve than contacting your bank then perhaps we would not be in this issue. You have no 800 number, a person has to pay long distance charges to contact you over the phone and be on hold for way to long to get a rep that has no idea what is going on due to lack of communication between your service reps and your company. Perhaps you outsourced the service reps, or maybe there are not getting trained properly, but there is some issue that is preventing people from getting adequate help that needs to be addressed.

So you caused a huge panic with the change of TOS, resulting in several people changing the card they had on file if that person had a card that would work with the new system, and then some of these people were banned for changing their card. Your service reps have told people that too many changed to a card on file will result in a ban. If a person had more than 1 acct they needed to update the info on they were also banned. It is believed there is a waiting period of 24 hours that you need to wait before you can re-use a credit card on another acct, if you try within 24 ho9urs of first acct then you will be banned. so you made a change to the TOS at end of month not allowing people to change card on each acct if they had more than 1 acct as would need to wait at least 24 hours, This 24 hour rule is not posted anywhere and could be great if you can confirm or deny it. The only written info I had received in the past pertaining to credit card was that authorization is blocked for 30 sec, and you do not want to retying until 30 min are up since last try.

Your message also states that if a person has an existing card in the system that does not meet verification then that card is fine, and it only new accounts or changed to the billing info that will be required to meet the new criteria. There are numerous people each month, that no fault of their own, SE does not collect payment on, so acct is marked no payed when in fact there was nothing wrong with the payment info. To resolve this the customer simply needed to go back into the billing section and re-enter the info they had before, but under your new system now the card they are re-entering has to meet the new criteria, when in fact there was nothing wrong with the card to begin with.

Your customer service reps have also stated that when updating card info on an acct if the name on account did not match the name on the card then there will be a ban. I'm not sure if you realize this or not, but there is a great many accounts that have the first and last name fields switched. Sometime in the past during some other billing system upgrade peoples first and last names were swapped, and this itself could be causing a mismatch.

TheColbertinator3342d ago

Ouch.Seems like its a laundry list of issues with SE

Myst3342d ago

Very well put and bubbles for you. I didn't have any trouble with Final Fantasy XI myself, but ran into a few people that were butting heads with them about several issues. Many of which seemed like they were never solved. Though I agree their were a lot of changes since the first time it came out all the way to the present time we are in now. Some of the choices were good, but some were just downright horrible in a way some of which you have already mentioned.

GameGambits3342d ago

Here I thought I wrote a lot on N4G, but you just laid down the Bible. Not saying that's a bad thing, but your comment was directed as if you think Square Enix employees are going to read it. I hope for your sake you copy/paste what you just wrote and emailed it off to them otherwise you wasted a lot of time and effort.

I played FFXI for 6 years and honestly I had no issues with the game like what you speak of. I put my card # in, I got billed every month, I played legit(easy to do, since I though the only cheats were buying money from websites for it), and I had fun.

I can't wait for #14 though. :)

Shibaa3342d ago

I also have been playing for a long time, since NA ps2 beta, and didn't have issues, until all this started very recently. What has pushed it over the edge for many was the update to the TOS so close to end of month when billing is done, without a proper time frame for card updates or canceling before getting billed again, which constitutes agreement to new terms.

The ban on people that would grow things to harvest using pots/seeds and crystals all of which is a normal game mechanic, in fact there is a quest in game that requires you to grow a specific item. Many players believe that who ever was banned in error in that had been restored, but in fact there are still accounts that had yet to be restored, and some who gave up the fight after dealing with SE incompetent customer service.

FerrisRocksFaces3342d ago

I used to be a bigtime FFXI player also. I put a lot of effort and time into the game, but throughout the last year, SE has given the playerbase absolute crap.

The SE of yore was pretty cool, though customer service has never been something that they're interested in. But things have changed, and the company treats every single (non-JP?) like crap. Lackluster updates where programmers focus on /bell noises as opposed to actual game content, craptastic "Add-On Scenario's" that should actually BE content updates because all they are are a series of quests and add absolutely nothing new to the game, Gardening Bans, Credit-Card Bans, Fishing Bans, plus all of their "RMT Fighting" has absolutely ruined the economic world of the game.

It's ridiculous. And I think the worst part of it is the lack of communication, or caring.

Shibaa3342d ago

Lets not forget about being banned for using more than 1 IP address even though the player has a security token to prevent unauthorized access. I frequently go upstairs in my apartment building to either my brothers or another friend who both play and to do this now could result in a ban. In addition the friend that is upstairs works in construction and during the slower economy he had been going out of state for work and used laptop at hotel with wifi to play, that could also now get you banned. There has been times I have connected my laptop to his wifi from downstairs due to my internet being out, again this is now bannable.

I can understand that if an account logs in from several areas it can view as if someone else has access to your account, but when your account is linked to a security token that is required to log in by generating a unique password every time a button on it is pressed, then there should be no concern about this, unless SE somehow knows that in fact its not secure like we think and are again silent.

Prototype3342d ago

When I quit 11 back Jan 08 I left more because of the community not so much as SE however from what I've been told by real life friends I'm glad I quit when I did.

Personally I believe SE is doing this as a way to end 11 before 14 comes out so they can concentrate on one game instead of having 2 separate teams working or having to pay overtime/hire more people. If you think about it all these bans over stupid situations doesn't really make a lot of sense to the customer, and according to SE its "business" which they don't make a whole lot of business sense as well. I'm also certain their "Atomos" test server is where the banned accounts go for their "tests" to nerf jobs or what they call "adjustments." Ever time in an update an "adjustment" meant something was watered down or heavily penalized, yet they were so eager to post "Increase damage/radius" etc. If you don't believe me read their update information dated back 2004 you will see the pattern to vouch for it.

I believe SE gave up around the time they heavily gimped Rangers (I was one of the many that suffered as a Taru) and started stepping backwards instead of forwards; which was around the time WoW started getting a big name. I remember reports of SE gimping DRG however they didn't get hit no where near as hard as Rangers did and I also remember on allakazham and killing ifrit the countless petitions of people threatening to quit if they didn't at least compensate for the big "F-ck you" they gave to the most expensive job in the game.

SE also knows the name Final Fantasy 14 will sell only because of the name, I guarantee a lot of people who were banned from 11 will not even play 14 unless they are either talked into it from friends of 11 or SE does something about their ToS (Which I'm sure they won't); that's why SE "thinks" of expanding to 360 to try to sucker all the people that were banned back into 14 so they can ban them again assuming "RMT" like they do everyone.

It's going to take a lot for me to think about getting 14; again I quit because of the community however I don't want to risk getting banned because I want to get a ToD (Time of Death) on Nidhogg, or sell god pop items to complete a quest that does nothing but cause drama between players. People who played the game at least 1+ year know what I'm talking about (I've played 3 1/2 years).

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ThatCanadianGuy3342d ago

Well their committed to making flops for 360 no? So, yeah,they have.

sack_boi3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

That didn't stop Insomniac or SuckerPunch from working with Sony.

BTW learn to spell.

PirateThom3342d ago

What flops did Insomniac or Sucker Punch make ever?

Some people are deluded.

TheColbertinator3342d ago

That's a stupid comment from Sackboi and Canadianguy

"Well their committed to making flops for 360"

Uhh no they are making flops on all consoles and lazy remakes on the handhelds.

Last Remnant would have sucked ass even if it came to PS3.The dialog and story was boring as hell.Lets face it,SE is not focused on quality like in the old days.It has nothing to do with the 360

""Well their committed to making flops"
That didn't stop Insomniac or SuckerPunch from working with Sony"

Riiiight because Ratchet and Clank/Resistance "sold poorly" but then again they have sequels,entries on the PSP,and have a strong following of fans.

Sucker Punch made a good game.That is why we gamers love playing games,not sales.I don't care for Infamous but gamers who love superhero games will pick it up.

This site is called NewsForGamers,not NewsForStockbrokers.

Godmars2903342d ago

Considering the actual programming and performance glitches, I wouldn't say that MS or the 360 were wholly innocent.

TheColbertinator3342d ago

@A Little Girl

Why are you on N4G commenting on my "trolling"?

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Saaking3342d ago

All their 360 RPGs flopped critically and commercially. I think they lost logic the moment they decided not to release games on the pS3. I don't know how much money MS is giving them but it surely can't be enough. Yet the bots celebrate over mediocre RPGs. We all know the DS has the best RPGs this gen and the PS3 is getting stronger and stronger. Poor bots. Poor stupid bots.

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