Why The PSP GO Matters

Aberinkulas Writes... Ask someone what they think of the PSP Go. Some people (Me included) may say, "Too expensive" or "Redundant." Some may say, "A step in the right direction." The weirdos in the corner might cry, "Eric Cartman!" But no matter who says what, the important thing to remember is that this is the first major gaming device that downloads all of its games. Not just some. ALL. Whoa.

While the discussions from developers and analysis have been a bit polarized between the successes and failures of the PSP Go, the ramifications of this device are rather large, and this is an experiment that's well overdue. Digital distribution has been in full force on PC, and whether or not it's working is a moot point – it's time to bring this method to the consoles and handhelds. Rest assured that no matter what happens to the PSP Go, every single company in the video games industry today will be watching the handheld system to see what goes wrong, what goes right, and hypothesizing how to fix it.

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MultiConsoleGamer3336d ago

PSP GO is going to be huge. I was actually in the PSP GO demo area at E3 early in the morning on day two of the show. Who did I see playing Little Big Planet? None other than Shigeru Miyamoto! I laughed with the guys working the booth and said "what a great endorsement for your product." Seriously, when your biggest rival comes to sample your newest product you know you've got something hot.

I can't wait for this machine.

-Mezzo-3336d ago

i was there as well i also saw Shigeru Miyamoto but at the time he wasn;t playing PSP GO, it owuld have been nice to meet you there but anyway maybe next time.

And i completely agree PSP GO will work.

lord_of_balrogs3336d ago

Just to play Devil's Advocate, I don't see it doing well when a HD console is priced cheaper than a handheld.

Ninji3336d ago

Especially when that console is sub-HD and has the lifespan of a Mayfly.

RememberThe3573336d ago

At the moment the handheld just doesn't have enough features to demand the price.

But I see that changing in the future, even before release. Sony has GamesCon and TGS to announce new PSN features for the PSP. I think we'll see smaller games and the inclusion of apps to make use of the wi-fi capabilities for the PSP.

deadreckoning6663336d ago

Until the PSP supports DIVX AND XVID it aint worth it. I wouldnt buy one if it was 100 bucks.

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Steve0073336d ago

It has the potential to work.

Raf1k13336d ago

Now there's a comment I can agree with.

It's too soon to be deciding whether or not it will do well.

Kurisu3336d ago

I agree with Steve that the PSP Go has the potential to work. However, I do believe that the console is over priced. I mean, here in the UK it will cost £230. A PSP sim & lite can be bought for £ basically you are paying £130 more for the 16GB memory. Plus, for £60 more, you could buy a PS3!

Griffmo3336d ago

I wish they would have went the phone route. Even without the touch screen. Itd be so nice to have the psp library/features, be able to connect to my ps3 whenever, and use it as a cell phone...Id pay big for this.

-Mezzo-3336d ago

I really want Sony to re consider the price because we all know that by the end of 2010 sony will announce PSP 2 and this product with high price tag will go to waste quickly.

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The story is too old to be commented.