German PSN finally to get mature content

It has been two long years since the PS3 launched in Germany, and in Europe for that matter. But ever since, the German PSN was lacking, even more than its european cousins, since there was no mature content (rated USK16 or USK18, meaning games rated for gamers 16+ and 18+) whatsoever. No demos, not even trailers were there.

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TheWretched3276d ago

Man, finally Sony does something against the game drought on the german PSN. Our games were either cut down (Bionic Commando) or were never released at all (Siren, Burn Zombie Burn...). As I see it, they released Siren for now, which is big news, and I love it!

Hopefully this nice trend continues over time, since on the Box, it doesn't seem to be a big problem.