The Decade's 25 Biggest Tech Flops

The Decade's 25 Biggest Tech Flops

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KionicWarlord2223336d ago

Wasn't a flop in my heart .

^ ____ ^

Mindboggle3336d ago

The Zune is a huge flop, and so is the xbox. However MSN = Owned by microsoft..

However over half the list is Sony products which is unfair..

Godmars2903336d ago

Which needs 32 short pages to cover 25 items.

WTF is wrong with the corporate mindset?

IzKyD13313336d ago

MSN literally stands for The Microsoft Network lol

Axecution3336d ago

I was reading them all, and eventually by the time i got to the "HD-DVD" section i was like... "wait, wtf? It's like this was written by a Microsoft fanboy...". Then, i hit the last pag,, clicked next, and it brought me to the home page. Then i was all like "AWW FVCK ITS MSN.COM. WTF!?" xD

Blaze9293335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

i dont see anything a flop there...oh ooooooooooooh that thing in their hands, completely missed that

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PirateThom3336d ago

LocationFree was probably ahead of its time. A few years later and it may have been a hit, especially with how popular streaming content to different rooms is becoming.

mrv3213336d ago

32 pages to contain 2 pages worth of content, this will not get my approval because it was a seemingly annoying way of getting more hits or advertisement money.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Fortunately the Xbox 360 took #1 on that list.Poor bots

Stryfeno23336d ago

Too bad you don't know how to read or click on a link.

Anyway... Lol @ UMB.

user39158003336d ago

Hilarious how the most electronics came out of sony, out off 32 shown product 21 were flop products from sony.

They forgot to add the flopstation 3, which should of been at the top off the list, since it has cost sony 6.7 billion so far in lost off revenues and no sign off slowing down.

The biggest slob in history are PS3 fantards followed by [email protected] kissing dildos.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33335d ago

Honestly though, I think the 360 deserves a spot on this list. It might not be a flop in terms of popularity but reliability is a totally different story. 360 failures are so common there is an underground market for repairing them. You can most likely find someone willing to fix your 360 somewhere in your area if you look on craig's list. Now if 360's are not unreliable, I don't know what is. And unreliable is the last thing an electronic device should be.

I love it when people try and compare RROD to the PS2 dvd drive going out. That was nowhere near as bad. Besides, the optical drive is the most common thing to go out on a console(360 notwithstanding), and when it came out, the PS2 was the cheapest DVD player on the market. To be honest, the only console I've had break down on me was my 360, but I fixed it easily.

AngryTypingGuy3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

I saw a lot of Sony logos as I was flipping through those pictures.

I noticed satellite radio was on the list. I gotta admit, I love my satellite radio. Well, Opie and Anthony at least, they're the single reason I have it. But it is nice being able to drive from coast to coast and not have to listen to commercials on a music channel. And what's even better is that talk radio such as Opie and Anthony, and Howard Stern don't have to abide by FCC regulations. FM radio sucks by comparison, and thanks to lawyers and the ultra-conservative politics of the Bush era that increased the potential fines to a level where stations and shows are afraid to try or say anything risque, it's dying a slow death.

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