Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake - Fact Sheet

PlayStation LifeStyle has the official Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake fact sheet direct from SCEA.

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Kill the chickens.........

El Botto3128d ago

And so I must wait a bit longer.

Sev3128d ago

I played this at E3, and it plays JUST like the PS3 version.

Godmars2903128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Considering that the only platform it plays on *IS* the PS3, you need to explain that.

Nevermind: PSP game.

vhero3128d ago

Man the PS3 version just came out and already the PSP version sounds better?

BYE3128d ago

THis is probably a full priced retail title as opposed to the 14,99 PSN game.

ThanatosDMC3128d ago

I hope those people that bought the PS3 version could just import it on there PSPs just like the upcoming Pixel Junk Monsters and the likes. Why buy the game twice, right?

ActionBastard3128d ago

I like how it's finally sunk in for Sony to make PSN titles available on PSP. Oh! Fat Princess is unbeleiveably fun.

Mc1873128d ago

So you can't play Fat princess through remote play?
Well I should assume you can't cause if you could then why bother with a PSP version right?

Freakin love this gam btw it's addictively fun, and the blood spatters from a group beatdown are awesome.

When can we expect the review for fat princess Sev?

ThanatosDMC3128d ago

Deadly screwed up game of soccer.

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The story is too old to be commented.