Lifetime Sales Figures For The PlayStation 3

Kotaku Writes...Every time Sony releases their quarterly earnings, they update their records to show exactly how many consoles and games have been sold to the public over the past few months. Let's take a look at the PS3 figures then, eh?

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KionicWarlord2223339d ago

Thats a lot of software sales .

Genesis53339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Yeah it sure is. It really shows you that it is the appreciation of the Yen that is really killing their profits.

Of course losing $50 on every PS3 sold doesn't help. At least that will soon change with production cost down 70%.

shocky163339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Guess it's brand name.

Now would be a good time to drop the price.

-Mezzo-3339d ago

yes it is the time to announce a price cut, if there is no price cut announced i would be very disseminated even though i own a PS3. lol

chrisnick3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

what i want to know is.....since sony counts system sold to the public and according to kotaku ms and wii use shipped numbers, what do the real numbers look like? and more importantly how big is that gap between ps3 and 360 really?

this is for those of you who didn't read the article.

In 2006, Sony decided to start tracking how many consoles and games they sold all the way through to customers, not just to retailers (which is how most other companies record "sales"). It's an admirable practice, and one which gives us a very accurate picture of how the PS3 (and its games) are faring, since these figures have been available for the entirety of the machine's lifespan.

heroicjanitor3339d ago

So they really do use sales to consumers instead of retailers... I always thought those were excuses XD It's very noble of them but they would be better of showing sales figures to retailers, they might have an extra million.

chrisnick3339d ago

but u know what that means right 1-1.5 million more means that sony sold 25-25.5million consoles to date so unless the 360 is at 33 million shipped, it means that the ps3 is chipping away at that lead again, even without the price cut.

creeping judas3339d ago

I am trying to figure out what you mean, but it makes no sense to me.

as the meaning of disseminated means

dis·sem·i·nat& #183;ed (d-sm-ntd)
Spread over a large area of a body, tissue, or organ.

help a brother out, please??

Raf1k13339d ago

Very true.

Nice to see someone talking sense lol

raztad3339d ago

Looking at software sales figures we can conclude that PS3 owners buy games. Can we?

PS brand is really powerful. NA is the weak spot of PS3 sales, but it will be addressed with a proper price cut.

thetruthinator3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

So i suppose some are coming to the conclusion that since Sony believes that it has SOLD 28.3 mil to customers that its shipped numbers surely be higher than that of the 360's shipped worldwide.

But how much different could the numbers really be? is it significant?
Think about it...

Once a new (insert random store) opens, they stock the store with a supply of Wiis 360s and ps3s. Now, would the store continue to buy more consoles if they have not already sold the ones on the store's shelf?

Once the store gets its first shipment in, all of the additional consoles shipped to that store would represent actual sales. You could compare it to pouring water into a cup until it overflowed. Once the cup has filled up, the exact same amount of water poured in (shipped) will be equal to the water flowing out of the cup (sales).

Of course there will be some disparity between shipped and sold, but its significance weakens over time as the ever increasing amount of water flowing out of the cup makes the water in the cup look insignificant.

I would also like to point out that shows the PS3 at 23 million... only .8 off of sony's estimate! People should stop using the "but thats only the SHIPPED numbers" argument.

Clap Your Hands3338d ago

I think we can all agree that the PS3 is doing pretty okay compared to it's closest competitor, and considering it's price.

randomwiz3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )


im sorry, but did you actually just use vgchartz to disprove something that Sony themselves said?

And also, lets say store X opens up and has 20 ps3's and 20 360's. 10 ps3's are sold, while 15 360's are sold. Sony says they sold 10 ps3's. MS would say they sold 20 360's.
the actual # sold to retailers isn't really big enough to pass the 360, but it really closes the gap greatly. Lets say every gamestop, bestbuy, and walmart in the world had 20 ps3's in stock. That's over 300k consoles on shelves with these 3 retailers alone.

Ilikegames763338d ago

that the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 in the same period of time? The reason that the 360 have more console is that it came out a year earlier. I hope the fan boys will leave sale figure to the analysts and share holder and play games instead.

-Mezzo-3338d ago

It was a mistake mate was i wanted to say was (Disappointed). :)

Rampant3338d ago

You guys are beyond stupid if you think that Sony knows how many ps3s are sold in every store around the world.

DaTruth3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Obviously you didn't read the part where it said "which is how most companies record sales".

Now you can realize who the "beyond stupid" one is!

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-Mezzo-3339d ago

I hope sony gains their ground back.

yoghurt3339d ago

Your right Chrisnick, we always hear about this 'massive' gap between ps3 and 360, but it is only Sony who announce 'sold' numbers. so, do we add a couple of million to bring it to 'shipped' numbers..?? I really think the gap isn't as big as people think, and if you consider the difference in price and the 1 year head-start that's pretty impressive I say.

thebudgetgamer3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

:) every thing else will work itself out.

sunil3339d ago

Interestingly its been the perception that the ps3 is lagging behind... PS3 is doing just fine, the 360 had 1 solid year of no competition (forget the Wii) when the economy was good.

PS3 is keeping up with the 360 despite its hefty price tag and the recession we are going under... thats says loads about the promise that the ps3 holds.

Its the media which has been simply ignoring the truth to please the 360 install base for hits.

Sony are a bunch of IDIOTS who cannot control the half truths that the media uses against the PS3... see how well MS kept down the whole issue of RROD...

KingsofOmega3339d ago

According to VGCartz at this point in its life cycle Xbox 360 was at 20 million units. So PS3 is 4 million up.

All this while costing so much more, its remarkable.

thetruthinator3338d ago


Yes that is almost completely true... but by Vgchartz numbers (which you quoted) it is actually 22,996,000 Ps3 to 20,060,000... you fibbed a million!

So Sony is doing well. I dont think they are doing as well as they would like though. They need to be blasting M$ out of the water and selling much more than they are now. I think that each 360 that is sold is one less potential customer for Sony to use to catch up because most people wont bother to buy 2 gaming consoles.

waltercross3338d ago

Real Gamers would own all consoles

DaTruth3338d ago

I guess "real gamers" have 20 hours a day to devote to video games and forgo the silly things like jobs, children and a life!

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DrWan3339d ago

This gen, if Sony gained anything from losing grounds would be the first party dev. studio. They will pulled their own weights and showed the 3rd parties to shove it. More ppl can enjoy 1st party hopefully

Ravage273339d ago

I'm pretty confident that most people who bought the amazing PS3 exclusives will agree that they are better/have higher quality than their multiplats counterparts (e.g. Uncharted vs TombRaider, Motorstorm vs Fuel, KZ2 vs COD-->ok maybe not everyone will agree :p )

I do have 1 or 2 idiotic friends though, who insist on playing only sequels of well-known ps2 franchises. Note that they don't care about reviews or demos, they are just stubborn. Hope there aren't many like them out there

thetruthinator3338d ago

Did you seriously just compare Uncharted (great game) to TombRaider-something (lame since 10 years ago)?

If Uncharted was here he would kick your a$$ for putting him in the same category!

-Mezzo-3339d ago

i guess i agree with you.

v1c1ous3339d ago

of the onslaught of financial news lately

Raf1k13339d ago

Isn't this something that happens every three months as financial data for the previous quarter gets released?

Shouldn't last long I don't think