New details on Team ICO's The Last Guardian surfaces were able to grab some new details concerning this highly anticipated title that'll surely raise the bar to uncharted heights again. In the upcoming September issue of Playstation The Official Magazine, information about the storyline and characters were divulged.

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AngryFork3188d ago

If the animal dies i'll be pissed...

Xwow20083188d ago

nice 1 :)

this game will be EPIC, much respect for team ICO

Trollimite3188d ago

alterate ending perhaps?

SevWolf3188d ago

Well, if you think about it, neither in ICO nor SOTC did somebody "die", so....I'm pretty confident some twist is gonna happen

SolidAhmed3188d ago

so the idea of true Artificial intelligent is coming alive
hopefully this one will be an interesting experience.

i am sure it will be unique and i am hoping it will work.

Veneno3188d ago

sux the weiner. Minus World is (was before gamespy acquisition) the best.

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3188d ago
-Mezzo-3188d ago

This game looks amazing and different from everyday games filled with blood and shooting/.

Raf1k13188d ago

That's what I like about Sony's upcoming lineup. There are some very different games in there.

It's nice to see developers doing something different and pushing a few boundaries.

-Mezzo-3188d ago

i feel sorry for Xbox fans as this game should be played and experienced by everyone.

talltony3188d ago

the neverending story was a great movie just like this will be a great game.

Hallucinate3188d ago

who cares hes just jealous thats why hes in defense mode and like the guy above me said..neverending story was great and this will be great to

ThatCanadianGuy3188d ago

Poor shadow bot :(

I can literally see the tears in his eyes through every word he types.

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Veneno3188d ago

It sounds like instead of having full control over the creature. you'll have to cajole it into doing tasks. This will make it feel like the two characters are seperate and it won't feel like basically one because the player has complete control over both.

I really like how this game is shaping up to be more like ICO instead of shadow of the colossus, because I felt more of an emotional attachment in Ico. It was a tear-jerker for me and it feels like I'll have to bust out the tissues again for this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.