GameTrailers: Dissidia: Final Fantasy US Preview

GameTrailer writes: "The Final Fantasy fight fest known as Dissidia will soon arrive in the US."

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Myst3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Soon arrive in the U.S.? We sadly have 24 more days, 25 if count how Gamestop's release date is just it's shipping date. Game is on pre-order, will pick it up the moment they get it, and I do plan to play this somewhat in class since it will just be the starting week of my classes anyway.

Though it is good to hear that international release will be getting a few more things. This is actually been a quite interesting gaming year. It seems everything that is being or in the process of being localized out of Japan in a way is getting extra content, or at least getting extra content in general. I hope they came this up and maybe who knows all the things that are generally up for DLC will be on the disc from the start and will be available for unlock instead of purchase.