NZGamer: Red Steel 2: Hands On

NZGamer writes: "One of Ubisoft's major efforts for the Wii will be Red Steel 2, the follow up to the 2006 samurai/shooter crossover. The original was received with mixed reviews, and was in its way the 'adults can play the Wii too...' flagship title. Swords. Guns. Etc. Problems with the controls, however, stopped it from really taking off. Generally it was sluggish, and the sword strokes of gamers everywhere made their way onto the screen in unexpected ways. It wasn't bad, often just weird. That strangeness seems to have been mopped up a bit for the sequel, and that's not all to have changed. At Monaco E3 Night, I got to play it, guided by a girl in a Red Steel 2 t-shirt, who knew exactly what I needed to do."

The Good: Some sweet quirks and a new graphical style

The Bad: Playing with Wii Motion Plus takes some re-learning

The Ugly: Opening doors with a samurai sword just seems hugely inefficient to me

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