Gaming Bits: Wii Sports Resort Review

Gaming Bits writes: "Nintendo brings a new collection of Wii Sports games, along with another hardware peripheral (Wii MotionPlus) in Wii Sports Resort. Overall, yes, it's another essential addition to your Wii game collection (and accessories). While there still aren't any online multiplayer components, the automatic import of Miis from the Check Mii Out Channel keeps the crowds and challengers fresh. Most of the activities are quick to pickup on and easy to get into, a formula Nintendo has mastered pretty well with the Wii. A few games like Archery, Swordplay, Frisbee and Air Sports, are the stand-out applications of the Wii MotionPlus controller. At a $49.99 MSRP (essentially $30 Wii Sports Resort game and $20 Wii MotionPlus controller) you shouldn't miss out on this fun collection of games to play with friends."

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