Rumor: Next Kingdom Hearts to be a spin-off

Oh, now doesn't this come as a surprise? The following is written inside EGM's "Rumor Mill" column in issue #216:

"Seems Disney and publisher Square Enix want to keep the Kingdom Hearts series beating -- hell, no surprise there. But this may be one: My mousy mole tipped me off that the next KH game won't be the third game in the series, but instead, it will be a spin-off that will appear on a hearty console. Don't worry, though -- KH3 will still happen...eventually."

To which console does hearty refers to, you ask? Well, none actually knows, but most of the NeoGAF community suggest it's either the Nintendo Wii or DS.

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ITR4250d ago

EGM ran a Apr fools of this...and now it's coming true...

EGM must read minds or something.

Bill Nye4250d ago

No, Mushroom Kingdom Hearts is still a joke.

sumfood4u4250d ago


kewlkat0074250d ago

Squeenix is going down the tube, ofcourse the japanese are good at milking games. We will see a kingdom hearts 7-10, I swear.

Cartesian3D4249d ago

hope to see it as soon as possible.. anyway SE is too busy ... and when SE is busy we hope too have good games.. so dont worry too much about KH3..

FF13 is commin' soon.. (not so soon):P

bootsielon4249d ago

KH3 will come on PS3

KH spin-off would be perfect on Wii. No need to remake the engine, simply tweak the PS2 engine to make it run on Wii, and fit the Keyblade to the Wiimote; it'd be a lot faster to make than a main series game. Perfect for a spin-off to have different controls, since it's not the main series.