May 1 Game Releases

May is turning out to be a monster month for game releases on all platforms. has been kind enough to give you a thorough list of the May 1 (or shortly thereafter) releases complete with embedded trailers. Hit the jump for the info.

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FCOLitsjustagame4010d ago

Hardly the monster month I had first thought it would be. Although you do get Command and Conquer and Forza. I await June:
Call of Juarez (if it makes it)
Hour of Victory (though no reason to assume it will make it)
Two Worlds
The Darkness

Didn't The Club get pushed out much further then May?

Caxtus7504010d ago


"hardly monster" :D

MySwordIsHeavenly4010d ago

Did anyone else see this month's Game Informer that said Lair would be released May 8th???

That's a bit ridiculous.

Oh, and the Darkness is gonna freakin' rock!

Let's not get too excited for Forza...unless you like boredome...then, get REALLY EXCITED! I'll stick to Motorstorm.

Command and Conquer is effin' amazing though! I don't even like RTS's and I love C&C3!!!

ben hates you4010d ago

we know about lair but lets not get to excited for lair...unless you like boredome{repetative}

just had to respond to your fanboyism

BIGBAER4010d ago

Forza boring? Motorstorm what?

Ahh kids & fanboys, what do they know!

Though in truth, it probably IS a good thing that you keep away from Forza. It's a game for skilled players only. Very skilled. You best stick to your dune buggy arcade game.

TheExecutive4010d ago

lol at the people above. I didnt know that anyone that disagreed with you is a fanboy... maybe he thinks its boring. That makes him a fanboy?

FadeToBlack4010d ago

That and the fact that he has 1 bubble usually indicates he is an extreme fanboy.

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INehalemEXI4010d ago

yah c&c3 , shadowrun, are what i looking forward to in may , that june list is looking mighty sexy.

dalectrics4010d ago

Not my kettle of fish I guess. And that guy above, benisme, of course he is FB material, he provokes for the sake of it - isn't that obvious? Otherwise he wouldn't try and bait someone who likes a game by saying how much he hates it and likes another, not only that but one that's obviously not even on the same console as the guy who liked the first game!!! Sometimes it's easier to spectate with this stuff, but where is the fun in that?

BIGBAER4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

There is a huge difference between stating that a game is not your 'type' as opposed to tagging a game as boring.

Not liking a game because it's not your type is purely --- and legitimately --- subjective.

Describing a game as boring, or exciting for that matter, should be based on quantitative and qualitative factors, not abitrary fanboyism.

Any gamer who would describe a game such as Forza (or the GT series), as 'boring' is either uneducated or an idiot. A select few are both.

The most unfortunate type however is the 'educated idiot.' This sad sort should know better but as surely as a sufferer of Tourette's syndrome spews uncontrollable profanities, the educated idiot let's fly one amazing, self-incriminating turd after another in an endless stream of lucid, yet tragic, stupidity.

Addressing all n4g forum participants I ask: which type of gamer are you? The true gamer who appreciates quality games for what they are --- and is able to engage in intelligent discussion on the merits, or lack of merits, of any game regardless of console affiliation? Or does one of the aforementioned descriptions fit you to a tee?

'nuff said.

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