Fable 2 sales approaching 3 millions

Ahmad Dajani from said "Fable 2 needs to sell just 50k more copies to reach 3 millions landmark"


Fable 2 sales approaching 3 million

Ahmad Dajani from said "Fable 2 needs to sell just 50k more copies to reach 3 million landmark"

Sorry for the spelling error.

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KionicWarlord2223271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )


Eiffel3271d ago

Good goly jee Batman.

That's a lot of sales.

Gamertags3271d ago

you will only see on the 360. While I wouldn't want to play the entire game with Natal I would be interested in certain aspects.

La Chance3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Its great to see that MSFT don't have to bundle their AAA games for them to sell.

I mean its pretty sad when you don't have enough faith in your own AAA games or your user base that you have to bundle them all just to be sure to crack a million within 12 months.

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dazzalfc3270d ago

Whist i agree with some of what your saying, i think you are suffering from short term memory loss, along with not really paying attention to what console bundles are out there.

For instance, wasn't it Microsoft who not only bundled Halo 3 with consoles when it first came out, but also brought out a special Halo 3 edition 360 console in order to boost popularity and sales?

Also, wasn't it Microsoft who bundled Halo 3 and Fable 2 (the game in question here) with the Xbox360 Elite? Or how about the World Cup bundle they did back in 2006? Oh, how about the Limited Edition Resident Evil 360 console and game bundle? OR the Gears of War bundle that launched with the game? And if memory serves me right, Microsoft have packaged other games with the Arcade, Premium and Elite models, such as Sega Superstars Tennis, Pro Evolution Soccer 6, Project Gotham 3, Lego Indiana Jones and Kung-Fu Panda and several other titles.

And thats not including the bundles that stores like Game, Gamestation, Gamestop or wherever put together themselves whilst they compete for our money.

Face facts, they all do it, and have been doing it for years, whether it be the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Gamecube, Master System or whatever. Anyone who disagrees or cannot prove otherwise simply needs to get out more and develop common sense.

Not that it matters anyway, i definitely didnt buy Fable 2 because it sold nearly 3million, or because it has Microsoft written on the box. I bought it because it was a good game that i wanted to play. Unlike most, i don't sit there playing a game thinking "im glad i bought this game because it sold loads"...i sit and think "im glad i bought this game because its a bloody good game"

Horny3270d ago

Good news for Lionhead, its a really good game, probably my favorite 360 exclusive. The only thing I didnt like was the ending and that it gets too easy once you level up, other than that I encourage everybody to pick this up.

Coconutz9193270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Hey, you're free to say what you want, but that's just a flat out lie.

I personally think bundles are great on any platform, though. More people get to play more games and for much cheaper, too. Everybody wins. By the way... what's the point of this article? Do we need to individually report on every game's sales? :(

La Chance3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Euh maybe I wasnt clear enough, I meant that MSFT dont heavily bundle their exclusives at launch like Sony do.

Did you see MSFT bundle Gears, Halo, Fable, Mass effect like Sony did with MGS4, LPB, KZ2 ? And even when bundles they still dont sell as much as Sony expected (except for MGS4)

Of course they do after a year or a couple of months and ONLY on some models like only the Elite or only the Arcade unlike Sony who bundle AT LAUNCH their biggest exclusives.

MSFT have special models at launch some times like for Halo 3 but its a limited edition thus only a handful of people actually get their hands on it unlike Sony once again who bundle all their AAA's for the game to have "decent" sales.

Horny3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

MS had Halo 3, Fable 2, Forza 2/Marvel, GTA 4 and Resident Evil 5 bundles, to me they are pretty big games.
So what if Sony bundles games, if people are not interested in the game they are just going to buy the console by itself, at least Sony has options. They bundle games at launch becasue if people decide to get the game and a ps3 they save a few Dollars.
When you buy a 360 you always get a game with it, I dont know about the arcade.

Coconutz9193270d ago

Maybe I wasn't clear enough either...

Are you implying that offering bundles is bad? Really? Sony or Microsoft don't make any more money off a bundle, in fact they most likely make less. I don't understand your point.

"MSFT dont heavily bundle their exclusives at launch like Sony do."

... And? First of all, Metal Gear Solid 4 has been the only game that was bundled during its launch. All those Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Motorstorm bundles came months after the game was first released.
Second, once again, how is offering a great game with a console for less money a bad thing? Both the Fable2/Halo3, MGS4/K2, and Wii Sports bundles are great for consumers.

Does that make the console manufacturers seem desperate? Was Nintendo desperate when they bundled Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt with an NES? Or Super Mario World with an SNES? Or Microsoft with the Kung Fu Panda/Lego Indiana Jones (obviously not AAA, but what's five year old Billy gonna do with Fable 2?) arcade bundle? I guess I don't get it.

Double Toasted3270d ago

...La Chance meant to say was, when MS does it, it actually works.

HelghastKid3270d ago

Damn dude face it you got owned....

cereal_killa3270d ago

La Chance spin it all you want you got owned

Gears of war Bundle

Halo 3 bundle

Halo 3 and Fable Bundle

Odion3270d ago

Daz your right on most stuff wrong on others. When Halo 3 released you could get a Halo edition console, but said console did not come with the game, nor were there any official bundles that upon its release that had the game plus the consoles.

thebudgetgamer3270d ago

because the idea of buying a console and getting a game thrown in and sometimes a voucher for a downloadable game makes me so angry i want to punch a kitten.


slpknt6sic63270d ago

"I meant that MSFT dont heavily bundle their exclusives at launch like Sony do." you say this but you need to remember that Microsoft doesn't have exclusives. lol j/k j/k. also the tittle reads"Fable 2 sales approaching 3 millions" meaning the bundle has helped it reach 3 million or as you say "decent" sales.

sparta763270d ago

Let me see if I got this right!!?!
If a xbox game takes 8-9 months to sell 3 million is good!
But when a PS3 games sales 2 million in two months it FAILS!????
I don't understand u 360 fanboys logic.
Bunch of tards!
And @ once upon a fable you the biggest tard of all

jeseth3270d ago

French for : Blind Xbox Fanboy that will spin anything pro 360 and make anti PS3 statements out of nowhere, especially when off topic. Synonyms for La Chance : Pathetic, Biased, Ignorant.

Example : See post 1.4.

N4Flamers3270d ago

Unfortunately I thought that the game could have been better. The choices were better when you were a kid and I thought that as the game progressed I would get those not so clear choices, but alas no. After childhood everything was black and white except for the shadow court quest.

I do like this game and have bought all the DLC for it. I just wish it had better graphics and more variety in weapons and clothing.

Oh yeah LA Chance got owned. The only thing bad about bundles is that they piss you off when you all ready bought the system earlier.

ps3d03270d ago

dazzalfc Well you wrong about a couple of things. Halo 3 was not bundle when it came out MS knew it sell like crazy and that people buy a lot of system just to play the game. No way was MS going to give a single copy of that game away for free. There was a limited edition halo 3 console and I lot of people complained that the game wasnt bundled with it. The RE5 and Gears bundle wasnt in american I think it was only in aussie (or someplace)

The Halo3/Fable2 bundle didnt come up till both games been out a good long time.

Jaces3270d ago

Actually they did bundle this, with Halo 3.

Willio3270d ago

"Euh maybe I wasnt clear enough, I meant that MSFT dont heavily bundle their exclusives at launch like Sony do."

If thats the case, why not just say that in the first place and not beat around the bush lol.

el zorro3270d ago

Good job. Fable 2 is one of my favorite western RPGs this gen. Mass Effect is one of the others I loved. The 360 is a fantastic RPG console.

GIJeff3270d ago

My 360 came with Halo3 and Fable 2 in one game case(like a double disk two sided wierd case). So, yeah...not sure what the hell you are talking about.

jetlian3270d ago

la chance is right not a single ps3 exclusive has passed 3 million on its own. halo passed 3 million on day 1 gears 1-2 both passed 3 million but were bundled at some point

motorstorm 1 was like 3.5 but was bundled then 2 was 600,000 unbundled. resistance was 3 million but 2 was like 1.5. Even mgs4 had its own system. uncharted is at 2.5, infamous is at atleast 600k. kz2 is unde 2 million

the halo 360 did not come with the game

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immortal843271d ago

But I hope they will improve some aspects of the game in the sequel

KionicWarlord2223271d ago

Peter molylneux said it might not stay rpg.

Wonder what that means ....

immortal843271d ago

May be he will use Natal to give the game some new refreshing gameplay elements.

KionicWarlord2223271d ago

Yeah...that might happen.

But i was thinking he`s talking about adding a genre to fable .

Could be a shooter....

gamingisnotacrime3270d ago

Based on my gametime I would not buy it. For me is like a semi RPG (full RPGs being Mass Effect, FF series, Lost Odyssey...)
Good game, but needs some serious improvements to achive its full potential

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N4PS3G3271d ago

I don't doubt Fable 2 sales are great..but using vgchartz to report something as a fact instead of an estimate is wrong.

immortal843271d ago

Fable 2 sales 2.95m according to and its a reliable website when it's comes to games and consoles sales, it's need 50k to reach 3 millions, this article isn't estimating it's telling us a fact.

Pekka3271d ago

immortal84: VgChartz are still rough estimates and are sometimes off a lot. Japanese sales are almost directly copied from Famitsu and MC so those are quite accurate but other charts are very inaccurate. Their estimates have been many times off 20-30% or even more. Even 50% difference isn't rare.

immortal843271d ago

Vgchartz is a very reliable website when it's come to sales, but sometimes they downscale or upscale sales for a game in unusual way.

If you have a better source please share it with us?

Omega43271d ago

360 exclusives sure love to sell like hotcakes, this game hasnt even been out for a year yet

beavis4play3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

i don't think "banjo kazooie:nuts and bolts" has hit even the million mark yet.

edit: 2 disagrees? it's barely cracked 500,000 in sales. then there's "too human". it hasn't done very well either. oh, how about "the witcher"? just because a game is exclusive to the 360 (or any console)doesn't guarantee great sales.
and for any of the fanboyish boobs who want to disagree....these are just facts. it has nothing to do with a stupid, fanboy "which console is better" war. all of that is crap. but, it just isn't true that all 360 exclusives "sell like hotcakes".

Once Upon a Fable3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Yea but Banjo wasn't hyped even one little ounce(it was actually questioned more than hyped...but was still a good AA game), what about Killzone 2(has it even passed 2 million)? It was hyped to high heavens by PS3 supporters and even the media, what about Infamous? How long until it sells even a million? Resistance 2? MotorStorm 2? Did these games even sale 2 million?

I've got a feeling Killzone won't even sell as much as Fable 2 which is a RPG...and it is in the most popular genre out there. I think one console was bought by movie enthusiasts as much as gamers.

cyberwaffles3271d ago

i think killzone 2 already passed 2 million sales. still pretty good that fable 2 is closing in on 3 million, but i think killzone 2 will reach it at a faster rate from what they've sold so far.

x-bob3271d ago


i dont get why you people fight over who sold more.

you still payed 60$ and YOUR THE ONE THAT HAS it and that what counts for most of the people(i hope). is that they have the game not how many people have it.

its sad to see what happening this gen

XboxUltimateAlliance3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I don't get it, are you actually trying to come in here and play sales? Reality check: you own the PS3. Coming and naming 2 weak 360 Exclusives whon't change the fact that all 360's big games have garnered really good sales while titles like Killzone 2, Resistance 2 and LBP don't even break 2 million in sales.(I think LBP barely did)

Cyber Waffles: Got a link proving Killzone 2 sold 2 million? :)

beavis4play3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

ps3 games has nothing to do with that statement.i'm not getting into a fight on other subjects here. i just responded to the post at #4. he said quote: "360 exclusives sure love to sell like hotcakes" end quote. this just isn't always true. nor is it true for the ps3 any other system ever made.
fable 2 has sold well.....and it should have since it appears to be a quality experience.


Once Upon a Fable3271d ago

It was also bundled a ton as was Resistance 1. When you look at Motorstorm 2 and Resistance 2's sales that weren't bundled, it looks different though.

The Master Chief3271d ago

Beavis Omega 4 didn't mention PS3 sales, you said a dumb comment and someone else mentioned PS3 sales. It's not that hard to understand. You just got owned, walk away gracefully. Everyone knows your a PS3 fanboy, stay in PS3 threads if its going to bother you for someone to say 360 Exclusive sell well, which they do. Unlike the competition.

beavis4play3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

first, i didn't bring up ps3 sales or mention ps3 games. second, i also commented that fable 2 is a good game and deserved to sell well. how is that being fanboyish?
lastly.......i commented on omega 4 comment that "360 exclusives sell like hotcakes"........that's all i did. does commenting on something that i didn't think was entirely accurate make me a fanboy? i don't think it does. actually, you sound more like a fanboy with your baseless post directed at me that contains no truth to it at all. and when you say "it's not hard to understand"....i don't think you have any clue as to what you mean when you say that. if you do, please elaborate.

re-read my posts at 4.1 and 4.7 and tell me where i bring the ps3 sales comparison or ps3 games into the picture?

it's ok to disagree.....just do it for things i acutally posted - not made up stuff.

The Master Chief3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Beavis you're the only one confused here PS3 fanboy.

Omega said "360 exclusives sure love to sell like hotcakes"

NOT "ALL 360 exclusives sure love to sell like hotcakes"

And your reply "bu bu bu Omega not all 360 Exclusives sell good!"

lol like a typical PS3 fanboy with a chip on his shoulder because PS3 just isn't popular and 360 has the best selling games.

And then someone came behind you and said "why would you be bringing up that not every game sells well and naming 2 more unpopular games...he didn't say OMG EVERY SINGLE 360 GAME SELLS AMAZING...but this has nothing to do with Omega's post, you're just jealous and trying to bring down what he said because it bothers you. And it was true, 360 Exclusives sell like Hot cakes.

That = you got owned. Stay in the PS3 setion troll.

beavis4play3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

and he didn't say MOST "360 exclusives sell like hotcakes" did he?

no, he said "360 exclusives sure love to sell like hotcakes". that staement is automatically all-inclusive by the way he wrote it. he didn't add anything else to it; so, when he says 360 exclusives, he's talking about ANY game exclusive to the 360.

you really need to work on your reading comprehension "master chief".

edit: at 4.13....there's no need. i'm not the one who can't read correctly.

Marojado3270d ago

He didn't actually mention PS3 sales, and also went on to say

"just because a game is exclusive to the 360 (or any console)doesn't guarantee great sales"

And Once upon a Fable, you mentioned Killzone's sales. Around 2 million when it came out a quarter of a year after Fable isn't too bad, considering Fable has sold pretty damn well. Both games are selling well, there's no legitimate reason for people to argue over figures.

Omega43270d ago


Damn I didnt think the comment I made would cause so much trouble, its not like I wrote it in a PS3 article. And obviously im not referring to ALL 360 exclusives, but to try and counter by mentioning PS3 software sales is just embarrassing, seriously.

beavis4play3270d ago

nor did i think my comment was that offensive. i guess it was to some.
what seems to be the point of question is were you referring to "all" or "most". i'd agree that most sell very well. when i read the comment it just said "360 exclusives". that read to me as you meant any game that is exclusive to the console..... and i made a comment. it was not meant in any fanboyish way. i don't think all ps3 exclusives sell well and,in fact, (ps3 exclusives) don't sell as well as 360 exclusives. this doesn't mean that the people who buy the games can't enjoy them.
wow, some people are really blind fanboys to not be able to discuss this rationally.

JokesOnYou3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Not that it matters but I was trying to follow your logic. From a technical standpoint all he did was make a generalization about 360 exclusives which based on evidence is true. If you assumed that he was saying ALL 360 exclusives sell well then you were NOT using the most basic common sense we use everyday in life. I'm sure you have been involved in many general conversations where people express an idea/point by making a generalization without using more specific terms like "MOST", "SOME", "A LOT" etc. For example if its not uncommon for people to say: "PS3 is reliable"...Does that mean none break?, of course not but in any general conversation the implied meaning is well understood by everyone that the point is in that aspect it has done well compared to its competition and past consoles. So either you lack the most basic common sense of a 5 yr old or you were simply upset about Omega pointing out that 360 exclusives sell well, which by comparison implies they sell better than another particular brand and this upsets you and caused you to try to downplay his statement with very, very poor logic.


iChaos Amongus3270d ago

Looks like someone tried subtle, stealth trolling and got owned hard.

Classic N4G material right here.

ActionBastard3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

360 exclusives sure do like to appear on the PS3. Oh wait! This IS an actual 360 exclusive. Carry on.

3270d ago
Arnon3270d ago

God I absolutely love Nuts & Bolts. Great game. It's production value is AAA. I want everyone to play that game on an HDTV. By far, one of the nicest looking games I've played. (And yeah, that shocks me too to say that)

Tru_Ray3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

When was the last time that a AAA game came out for the XBOX 360? Has it really been as long as fall 2008?

Bu..bu..bu, teh exclusives from LAST YEAR still SELL MILLIONS!!!


Sorry Omega, but the sales of Fable 2 won't add inches to your e-peen.

cyberwaffles3270d ago

i can't find the link where i saw it saying it estimated about 2 million by now, but according to these links, killzone 2 passed 1 million during april of this year.

it was about 1.2 million or so around april 18th and now its august so it's a little less than 4 months ago since it reached 1.2 million and it took about the same amount of time for killzone 2 to reach it's first 1 million in sales as it did for the past 4 months. sorry i can't find a link, i keep googling killzone 2 sales but i never find what i want. i know now that i'm estimating it reaching 2 million, but if you factor in how long the average amount of time it took to reach 1 million to begin with, discount sales, word of mouth popularity, and the new MGS4/killzone 2 bundle that will be releasing/released, it should be around 2 million very soon. sorry if i made it seem like fact that it was 2 million, but i was pretty positive it reached it already.

Poopface the 2nd3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I do think your a fanboy if you go off on some rant because you think someone said "all 360 exclusives sell like hotcakes." If you read his comment its clear that he didnt say, or in any way imply, that "all" 360 exclusives sell great.

Of course I dont know if you really are stupid or not. Arguing over something that someone clearly didnt say and continuing arguing with dumb people on N4G sure doesnt make you look smart tho.

LOL I blame you for this Beavis^^^^^^^^ Look what you started. LOL JK.

I understand you may not be a PS fanboy, just like Im not a 360 fanboy. We will be labeled as such simply because we have a preference.

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