COD: Modern Warfare 2 Customized Killstreaks Analysis


"David Ellis and Tina Sanchez break down the latest footage for COD: Modern Warefare 2."

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rbluetank3340d ago

they really explained alot... the price stil scares me... i will rent and go from there...

mxpxboy3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

How does the price scare you? It's $59.99 for the standard edition. The same price for every other new game that comes out. Don't want to pay extra? Then don't buy the "Hardened" or "Prestige" editions!

I don't understand people. Sometimes I think they complain because they have nothing else to do.

aaronisbla3339d ago

he is referring to the increased price in europe IIRC or the increased price on pc

Feihc Retsam3338d ago

Dude, it's in plain text, in the video. And, it doesn't take a military genius to know that the plane is an AC-130...

For the love of God... He knows the term "chaff", and just keeps on blurting out "c-130".... I want him dead.

Yes, I have anger issues, but it's still extremely annoying.

DragonWarrior_43340d ago

This is my goty and its not even out yet. Im trading in Killzone 2 forsure.

socomnick3339d ago

Sell it now while you can get the most money back and put it down towards the preorder , or buy mw2 used on ebay so that crappy activision doesnt get a dime.

Raf1k13339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I'd never trade Killzone2 for this.

As far as I can tell it's not hugely different from CoD4. It's got a few new nice features but not enough for me to want to trade something as unique as Killzone2 or even pay that crazy price.

If Asda have that special discount for the first two days after release I might consider buying it. They had CoD5 on at £28 for the first two days.

Edit: buying it used isn't such a bad idea but Modern Warfare 2s price isn't going to drop much even if it's a used copy. CoD4 is still retailing at £35.

Edit2: Make that retailing at £30 on

cyberwaffles3339d ago

you would really trade in killzone 2 for cod? dang. i think i would trade killzone 2 in for killzone 3 when it releases, but never for a cod game.

yorkie3339d ago

How can it be your GOTY when you haven't even played it yet ? If it's basically an extension of COD4 and WaW then there is no way it can be even considered as a GOTY. Having the same tired and tested gameply and decent graphics dont make it a contender unless it pushes the boundaries, either in graphics, gameplay elements or features but up to now I have not seen anything to lift it beyond what COD4 did.

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-Mezzo-3339d ago

Great video very helpful but Activision thinks i/consumer am a sucker and will buy the game at a higher price then usual, well they have another thing coming.

dktxx23339d ago

I think you have another thing coming.

Raf1k13339d ago

I'm probably not gona buy it either.

I'm considering downloading it simply because of the crazy price.

cyberwaffles3339d ago

lol you even have the judas priest stainless steel album cover for your avatar.

N4g_null3339d ago

This is hilarious I paid $70 for SF3 back in the day. This is clearly going to be the best FPS coming to consoles this year. You guys love this type of game play any way. Also to get these type of visuals on consoles is not cheap programming wise or art wise.

It really is funny that the console makers can raise the price of their console yet the people who actualy make the great games can not.

Sure activision is a big evil corp right... what is funny is we all made them that way and most gamer don't reward creative games. What is funny is acti is trying to be EA. Why be mad at that? It takes so much money to make these game these days and it could be possible that activision just is not making the type of money that they need to keep producing games at this caliber.

You see epic linked up with MS and GG games got SONY and even id had to merge with some one.

We all knew this was coming. Yet the problem is activision is not able to produce a COD game sale impact with all of their games so the HD production then keeps things pretty stale.

aaronisbla3338d ago

" It really is funny that the console makers can raise the price of their console yet the people who actually make the great games can not."

Here's the problem with that statement, MS and Sony raise those prices for their systems when it first comes out. Its not the same as what Activision is doing in the UK. The standard price has been in place for awhile now and then they decide to raise it ( has any good reason been stated yet? ).

That's like sony or MS raising the price on their current systems. See how dumb that is? If you like paying more for your games, by all means, do it, those companies are looking more ignorant people to rape their wallets

Also when was SF3 ever that high at stores? i didnt pay that much for it

N4g_null3338d ago


SF2 was $70 on the snes and gen...

The consoles do not get improvements do they? This game is a major improvement over the last one? It is sort of like how the pspgo and dsi cost more. See how it makes sense now?

Well any way development on the consoles is no joke and if you truly want improvements then you will have to pay for it and it is obvious they are about to get started on the next gen stuff. Every one is afraid of next gen development cost which is suppose to double.

Hey I also paid around $200 for some neo geo games and I got a few other games that are worth more than their initial price.

It really looks like you guys really don't respect this game and the hype is not really justified because if it was no one would complain about the price.

Who knows you could be paying for PS3 development which would be subsidized or built in both copies maybe. Who knows but yes it is maybe too much. Usually if I want some thing the price is not a problem.

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lil s3339d ago

how much does it cost?

Raf1k13339d ago

£55 in the UK apparently.

I'm not sure what the price is for the PC version though.
Normally I don't mind paying extra if it's worth it but extra for this game really isn't worth it for me.

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