1up: Wii Classic Controller Pro Impressions


"Released in Japan along with the new black Wii and Monster Hunter 3 Tri~, the Classic Controller Pro is Nintendo's answer to fans' complaints about the original version that launched with the system in 2006. We got our hands on the Pro a little early, so we decided to take some pictures and compare the Pro to some of the other controllers out there."

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DlocDaBudSmoka3276d ago

looks too 3rd party. madcatz where are you? lol

Elimin83276d ago

@ DlocDaBudSmoka.. What is it, Wii-a-less?

Ju3276d ago

Ha ha. They cloned the DS3. How cool is that ? (why not wireless ?)

N4g_null3276d ago

Really you think that is the DS3? Weird it plays more like a snes pad with analogs now. Hmmmm who copied who? Doesn't really matter.

TheColbertinator3276d ago

I prefer the regular one.I'm hoping to get a classic controller when Tatsunoko vs Capcom arrives

Redempteur3276d ago

i like this design . i just don't understand that you have to link it up to a wiimote ... was it THAT hard to make an independant controller ?

poopsack3276d ago

cause they want u to buy another wiimote, lets say if u were to play brawl with two classic controllers, theyd want u to have 2 wiimotes.

Horny3276d ago

Looks nice I would purchase this along with a black wii if it comes to the US. I just want a wii for the virtual console and mario and zelda.

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The story is too old to be commented.