Hooked Gamer: Little King's Story Review

Hooked Gamer:

Good strategy games are few and far between on the Wii, and with Nintendo remaining stubbornly tight-lipped about its upcoming Pikmin 3, there's a rather large void in the system's library. Luckily, developer Cing is filling that niche with Little King's Story. Looks are definitely deceiving with this one; the story-book graphics make it look like it's targeted to a younger audience, but this probably isn't one for the kiddies. Beneath its adorable presentation, you're going to find a game about the abuse of power, the effect of religion on society, conquest, genocide, and polygamy. If that fails to surprise you, wait until you see what else Little King's Story has in store: it's the most deceptively deep and mature game on the system.

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