Sony's EyePet and Microsoft's Milo -- Separated at Birth?


"Even on paper, Sony's Monchichi look-alike EyePet and Microsoft's creepy kid Milo have commonalities -- both make use of cameras to detect movement, both react to sound and both love to draw things (or rather, both love to make us draw things and then scan the picture in)."

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Mo0eY3273d ago

Title should be "Sony's EyePet: Microsoft steals again!"

-Mezzo-3272d ago

This comment is full of win. lol keep it up.

120FPS3272d ago

title should read mooeys a retard who worships a machine

user39158003272d ago

Nothing its more advanced in gaming than Natal, "facts".

PS3 its the oblivion of failure in all standing of gaming.

Desperate moves from sony adds more stealing and denials from all fandroids in general.

A convulsive explosion of suckmadroids continues to develop as sony feeds them more lies.

Fantards known to check themselves out in emergency rooms all over the world as part of a bent over here I come agenda manipulated from the hellspit sony's division.

Extra-extra-extra read all about it, fantards around the glove complaining of back injury's aquired from sony's pink delicious dildo and corporate lies.

ThatCanadianGuy3272d ago

1) Eyepet was announced before Milo & Natal

2) It does everything both M & N do.

3) You're to stupid to even form a coherent sentence

4) Eyepet doesn't use the Playstation wand.

5) You just failed at everthing you tried to say.Like every xbot.

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San Frandisco3273d ago

thanx for stating the obvious..

wuts the purpose again for milo? cuz from my perspective,milo is niether hardcore nor casual since its not a game.

and imo EYEPET is far more interative at a deeper level... more you can do.

All you do is talk to milo and scan photos? psshht

chrisnick3272d ago

one is by far the older brother, this one is still in the womb and already being drooled over, so its only a matter of time b4 the older one gets jealous and strangles it to death in its infancy.

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crillyconlig3272d ago

think one is older than the other

Shuhei Yoshida3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Hmmm... seems to be the XBox 360 owners are so desperate for friends their own age and because Microsoft knows their fanbase enjoys chatting rather than playing, they have finally developed an application with them in mind.

How can any of you fault Microsoft for giving their users what they think they want?


Sir Ken_Kutaragi3272d ago


There did seem a lot of Chatting on that Milo thing!!! ;-D

Bubbles 4 erm both of you;)

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