HZ: Editor's Choice Gaming Rig 2009

HZ: "After the flurry of announcements and tech launches in June (thanks to Computex and CommunicAsia), there has been quite the lull among tech firms. Of course, there are still many new gadgets being introduced but the major developments, the game changers, are still on the horizon.

One good example would be Intel's upcoming mainstream Lynnfield processors, which will obviously be supported by the usual ecology of Taiwanese motherboards. In fact, we have seen some of these boards based on Intel's P55 Express chipset up close, including this preview of the ASUS P7P55D Evo but the earliest availability for these processors and motherboard is in September. While it's the next evolutionary step for the mainstream Intel platform to shed the aging Core 2 processor family and bring in newer technology to the masses, the Intel Core i7 processors and the X58 platform won't be displaced from its performance throne anytime soon."

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KILLA J3215d ago

that's what i call "HARDCORE"

shutupandplay3215d ago

Fact: Every ps3 owner has a RIG the same or better quality than this.

Major_Tom3215d ago

A $400 computer can run games on better settings than the Xbox can.

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Raf1k13215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I wonder what happened to the company that sold monitors like the one in this picture.

I think they called it the grand canyon monitor or something.
The link says it wasn't a real company 0_0. Damn. I never knew that