Resonance of Fate simultaneous US/EU release confirmed


tri-Ace Xbox 360 and PS3 RPG Resonance of Fate will be released in the US and Europe at the same time, SEGA has confirmed to

The news is sure to please UK JRPG fans who have traditionally had to wait longer for JRPGs than their North American gaming cousins.

Speaking to, SEGA Europe localisation producer Jun Yoshino said the simultaneous release is intended to prevent UK gamers losing interest in the JRPG.

Early 2010, says SEGA.

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Godmars2903301d ago

Don't like the overall environment design, but the gun-fu combat looks nice. And there's no one under 10.

mastiffchild3301d ago

I like the idea that this game could be, finally, a jrpg where guns are more powerful than swords! It does annoy me that Sega are willing to push out this, a new IP, and not even think about even a DLC patch for subtitles for Yakuza 3 even though I've been/we've been able to play 1 and 2 in the past!

I just want the chance to play Y3 and Kenzan! and wouldn't mind at all having to import and download some subs to do so. Even at a $7.50/£5 price point for the patch on top of the import cost of the game-why won't they make use of region free BR games?

They put out The Conduit, Madworld and HotD Overkill on Wii but won't give us a chance to play more Yakuza? Then push a new, niche title like RoF? While I'm keen on this as well I still think they could find a way to satisfy western fans of Yakuza.

Simon_Brezhnev3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

i agree it shouldnt be that hard to put subtitles i dont care about english voice acting

edit Resonance of Fat looks pretty interesting only video i found of gameplay was on

GameGambits3300d ago

I hope this wasn't the reason the game got pushed back to 2010 to be honest. It was do out in winter of 2009, but was just a bit ago pushed into 2010 with everything else...

It does suck that Europeans get shafted with waiting longer for games, but that's what importing is for. With no region lock on PS3s the Europeans who really wanted to play this game could've easily imported it from the USA version release.

2009 got fisted of so many releases now it's so dumb. My only guaranteed buy game is now Uncharted 2, where I had Bayonetta and Bioshock 2 set as buys till they got pushed back. This was on my buy if reviews were 8+ list, so it's just a shame, because 2010 early year and later year is PACKED.

White Knight Chronicles
God of War 3
Last Guardian
Heavy Rain
Gran Turismo 5
Dark Void
Monster Hunter 3
Bioshock 2
MGS Peace Walker(late 2010 I believe)
Splinter Cell Conviction
Alan Wake

Probably tons more I'm forgetting about too. Seriously though wtf!?

dimitry213301d ago

i have my eyes on this rpg

-Mezzo-3301d ago

Just like me, but i have a feeling that this title will not be rated more then 7/10.

Mr_Controversy3301d ago

The Xbox 360 and DS are dishing out a lot of RPG's. I'm ****ing mad that my PS3 barely has any to begin with.

Dragun6193301d ago

Hopfully Next year will change that.

Resonance of Fate
The Last Rebellion
Trinty Universe
Atelier Ronona
Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll
White Knight Chronicles
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Final Fantasy XIV
Tales of Vesperia
And maybe the rumoured Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Tony P3300d ago

The PS3 will get its due in JRPGs. They're definitely being made. Just gotta wait for that stuff to get localized.

double_heist3301d ago

I'm excited for this game since I like Tri-Ace RPGs. :P

I hope it has the customization system like in the SO series.

kewlkat0073300d ago

Star Ocean 4 has the best Battle system. Infinite Undiscovery's battle system is whack but decent story. Now that I've played a couple , I get a sense of feel for their style. Umm it's eehhhh OK.

Next- gen speaking I still wanna see another one from Mistwalker and Square enix. I'll take a look at this and see what others think.

GameGambits3300d ago

If you have access to Star Ocean: The Second Story(the original from PS1 and not the port to PSP) then you can see what they are really capable of.

I'm still waiting for Tri Ace to quit farting around and make another game even half as good as that was as a whole. The game had story, depth, about 200+ hours of gameplay, I believe over 100 different endings, multi branching choice filled story, 2 main characters, amazing battle system, terrific voice acting, graphics, and above all fun. It's still to this day my favorite game of all time, but I guess that's where Tri-Ace peaked and forever will remain.

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