GamesRadar: Batman: Arkham Asylum - hands-on

GamesRadar writes: "Think of a great superhero game. No, not a good one - there are plenty of those around - but one as essential as, say, Grand Theft Auto IV or BioShock. You're struggling, right? That's because there aren't any. Or rather there weren't any until Batman: Arkham Asylum came along. After an extensive hands-on, exploring the majority of the enormous Arkham Island – we've come to the conclusion that not only is this Batman's best game to date, but quite possibly the best superhero game ever made. A bold claim, but one we think you'll agree with the moment you take your first tentative steps into the foreboding darkness of Gotham's legendary loony bin."

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Mo0eY3300d ago

Dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna, Batman! I can't wait for this game, man. I've been pumped since its delay.

Jaces3300d ago

It's about damn time Batman got a freaking awesome game!!

One of my most anticipated games this year aside from Uncharted and MW2.