Valve: Fight used sales by making good, supported games


It's always good to see a developer that doesn't stomp its feet and have a trantrum because GameStop's exploiting the same free market that they exploit. I'm totally with Doug on this one -- people keep games that they like, and that they feel they can get their money's worth from. If your game wasn't made to be worth keeping, you shouldn't whine and moan when it's sitting on a GameStop shelf a week later.

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RememberThe3573342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Valve is more of a PC developer? GameStop doesn't do used PC games. So of course they're not going to give a rats ass about GameStop. Plus, they have the most successful PC game distribution network. They're straight.

You gotta give them props though for making Steam what it is. Even thought I'm not a fan of Left 4 Dead, they truly are one of the best devs out there.